Month: October 2017

  • Women HealthSesame Seeds In Pregnancy

    Is It Risky To Consume Sesame Seeds in Pregnancy?

    Pregnancy is a critical and significant stage in women’s life because everything they eat, do, and even think has an impact on their body. No wonder, a pregnant woman receives endless advices from family about what to do and not to do in pregnancy to make your experience special. The choices for food, clothes, music, and other things will be made by them that put some impact on your baby.…

  • Women Health

    Breast Augmentation Techniques To Increase Breast Size and Beauty!

    Breast Augmentation (or mammaplasty) is one of the most common elective surgical procedures performed annually by Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, otherwise referred to as Breast Enhancement and Breast Implant Surgery. The growing popularity of this surgery is due to an increase in the number of women that choose to have their breasts augmented and enlarged via surgery. In addition, there are now more options to choose from when considering a…

  • HairHair Transplant Surgery

    What can be the Suspected Side effects of Hair Transplantation

    The hair transplant procedure is one of the most important cosmetic surgical procedures that are performed to regain the original hair back onto the patient’s bald area of the scalp. This is the single permanent option that is all natural as the patient’s own scalp hair is used for the implantation and because of that, there are no any differences in terms of color, caliber and the characteristics of the…

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