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write for us healthWe are open for guest bloggers. Now Health and Fitness Bloggers can write for us health, For Ehealth Spider to share their information on our blog.

EhealthSpider.com is allowing bloggers to come with new idea with the greatest quality health information on-line. Ehealth Spider shares a lot of health & fitness related information for the readers with very clean, clear and easy format to understand language (English), so our valuable readers, who spend time for our blog should be worth.

The information which we allow users to submit on our blog is related to HEALTH & FITNESS Only.

Note: We don’t allow bloggers to write a review of any product or medicine or doctor on this blog as free blogging. We may charge for this kind of information, if your promotional content passes in moderation.

Which Kind of Guest Post we accept?

  • Diseases type and cure
  • Gain and losing weight
  • Healthy Leaving Tips
  • Food and Fruits Health Benefits
  • Typed of Exercise for Men / Woman
  • GYM & YOGA Related Information
  • Eye Care & Hair Care
  • Do and Don’t from Health Point of View
  • Health News/Outbreak (Latest Only)

Guideline To health write for us

Guideline To Write For Us

Words: Make sure to write more than 800 words for quickly approval, else our moderator will moderate it and add few more information in your content to make it live, but it will take more time, depends on pending volume of these kind of contents.

Quality: Please take care of content quality and uniqueness to avoid rejection. Because if we found any content is posted on any other blog or website, we’ll immediately scrap that content and may not spend time to inform blogger.

Quality Linking: we will remove links which are related t sales, redirected to different page, controversy page, negative linked information, illegal drugs and affiliates.

Our Rights To Do with your post

  • Edit your post content and title any time
  • Delete your post any time
  • No-Follow any No’s of Links

Please Remember and Note Once Again that by submitting or sending your content to us, you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Health Save Blog editorial team.

Why Your post Was Rejected

  • You didn’t meet up with our Guild line and requirement
  • You are linking to a page we are not accepting Guest post from.
  • Your post didn’t pass copyscape.
  • You are recommending health product with no medical proof.


If you are interested to Write For Us Healthcare, Fitness Tips related Guest Posys, You Can Contact us right away with the title of your post and username: send email to ehealthspider@gmail.com.