What can be the Suspected Side effects of Hair Transplantation

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The hair transplant procedure is one of the most important cosmetic surgical procedures that are performed to regain the original hair back onto the patient’s bald area of the scalp. This is the single permanent option that is all natural as the patient’s own scalp hair is used for the implantation and because of that, there are no any differences in terms of color, caliber and the characteristics of the hair. The transplanted hair is free from any maintenance or precautions and once the procedure is done, no other follow-up is required. However, it is just not a safe option, but also has the benefits of the maintenance free option that a people enjoy lasted till life.

What is a Hair Transplant Procedure
The hair transplant procedure is a prime cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the transferring of hair roots from the donor location to the recipient area in order to cover the bald area with a head full of hair without having any kind of pain, scar, and discomfort only if performed by the best hair transplant Surgeon. The hair transplant cost may vary as according to the operating Surgeon because the cost of hair transplant performed by the best hair transplant Surgeon is high as compared to the procedure performed by a general Doctor or Surgeon. The first and foremost prerequisite for getting the best result of the procedure that it must be done by the best Surgeon, who has their M.S and M Ch degree as well as the accolades and recognition from the leading hair transplant societies such as ISHRS, ISAPS also plays a major role in determining the success of the procedure.

The Side effects of Hair Transplantation
As far as side effects are concerned, there is no such particular type of side effect which should be considered as a procedure failure or drawback because it is not a medicine which has their certain side effect after taking the particular dose. The procedure of hair transplant is a surgical restoration of hair from patient’s own scalp hair onto the recipient bald area of the scalp, which is a complete scientific and artistic application that must be performed by the expert Surgeon in order to get the best benefits of the procedure. So, if we talk about the side effects, meaning that we are talking about the artistic skills and precision that a Surgeon should possess to perform the hair transplant procedure.

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The Side effects related to the hair transplant procedure may occur if it is not performed by the expert Surgeon is as follows:

The Pain & Scarring
The two important factors are considered as the side effects if the procedure is not performed by the expert Surgeon, i.e., the pain during the procedure and scarring after the procedure at the location from where the hair roots are extracted. The pain during the procedure is associated with the incision for excision of the donor area to get the hair follicles and hence a Surgeon gives the dose of local anaesthesia to minimize the effect of pain during the procedure. After the procedure, if a donor area is not closed effectively it leaves scars and an expert Surgeon only applies the Trichophytic closure to minimize the scar at zero level.

Unnatural Hairline and careless distribution of Donor area Hair
It is very important to perform the procedure in such a manner that the natural outcomes of the hair transplant procedure can be achieved in terms of the natural pattern of hairline as well as the careful distribution of safe donor area hair. The expert Surgeon always keeps these things in mind that the hairline pattern should be in a zigzag pattern so that the regrowth of hair will have the natural touch and it will be harder to differentiation of the transplanted hair. In the perspective of donor area, hair distribution, an expert Surgeon always gives the feasible and the aesthetic density of hair as according to the patient’s grade of baldness, their age, facial profile as well as the available donor area strength to achieve the aesthetic outcomes of the procedure.

The Temporary Result if the Extraction is not performed with care
The hair transplant procedure is a single permanent option to get back your original hair and it lasted till life if the hair roots are extracted from the safe donor area. The expert Surgeon understands these facts and concern of a cosmetic benefit of the procedure and that is why they focus on the FUT hair transplant technique rather than the FUE. In the FUT technique, the extraction of hair roots is only done from the safe donor area, i.e., back & sides of the scalp results in the permanent hair roots.

Summarizing all, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration is free from the side effects if performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon as it is only a permanent option to get back the original hair from patient’s own scalp and counted as a carefree option of regaining the natural hair.

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