Is It Risky To Consume Sesame Seeds in Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is a critical and significant stage in women’s life because everything they eat, do, and even think has an impact on their body. No wonder, a pregnant woman receives endless advices from family about what to do and not to do in pregnancy to make your experience special. The choices for food, clothes, music, and other things will be made by them that put some impact on your baby.

Sesame seed exporters bring this article for people who doubt on sesame seeds during pregnancy. Many people believe in the myth that sesame seeds cause miscarriage, but to clear the air, exporters are sharing this post with you all by explaining the impact of eating sesame seeds during pregnancy.

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Every woman is different and so every pregnancy as well. There are chances that the food eaten by your mother-in-law won’t suit your body and baby or what didn’t suit her during her pregnancy may suit you in your pregnancy. It is important to weigh your options when it is about food and pregnancy because everything you do will put impact on your baby.

Sesame seeds during pregnancy- risky or beneficial?
You may have heard that consuming sesame seeds or til (Tal) can harm you and your baby. Experts would like to tell you that ignore this myth. In earlier years, it was believed that sesame seeds could be a reason for miscarriage since they are hot in nature and produce heat in the abdomen. But there is no scientific study that claims the fact that sesame can actually harm baby. If you take these tiny seeds in moderation, they could act as a super food for both mom-to-be and baby.

If you are not allergic to sesame seeds, you can simply consume them in moderation during your pregnancy. Some major health benefits of having sesame seeds in pregnancy are as under-

  • Sesame seeds are great source of calcium, proteins, amino acids, vitamins B, C, E and iron. All these nutrients are essential during pregnancy.
  • Sesame seeds help deal with constipation. Constipation is a common issue encountered by pregnant women. Sesame seeds are the natural food that can handle this issue well. You can simply add some sesame to your recipe as the seeds can help soften your stool and make excretion easier.
  • The nutrients present in sesame seeds boost immunity and health. You can stay protected against cold and flu by having sesame seeds.
  • Most women tend to fall short of calcium mineral in their pregnancy. Sesame seeds can act as natural source of calcium.
  • Sesame seeds strengthen your bones and teeth and prevent dental issues.
  • Sesame seeds also strengthen your muscles and nerves and make the body fit and energetic.
  • You can reduce your mental weakness and stress with sesame seed.
  • Sesame seeds also delay ageing


Sesame seed exporters often call sesame as super food for pregnancy due to all these benefits. So next time, when you find any pregnant lady in a dilemma to have or not to have sesame seeds, you must help her in making decision.

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