Top 5 Cake Recipes of the World

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The love of cake has been around since ancient times, though history’s very first cakes were nothing like cakes we know today. Initially, a bit more bread-like, the Egyptians baked this bread-like treat, often sweetened with honey and dried fruit. In Europe, around the mid-17th century, the first modern-style cake (i.e., round cake with frosting.) was created.

Let’s face it, a cake is the perfect go-to dessert and can be incorporated to fit into any occasion. Thus, we created the top 5 cake recipes globally, and you might be surprised.

Top 5 Cake Recipes of the World

1. Chocolate Cake

With all the variety of yummy cake recipes out there, the simple chocolate cake recipe reigns supreme.

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2. White Cake

A white cake is universal and versatile as you can add other ingredients.

3. Red Velvet

Loved for its decadent taste, and the color red velvet is a top favorite.

4. Funfetti Cake

A favorite for birthdays, its flavor has even been turned into a pop tart. Loved for its colorful appearance inside and out, it is loved by young and old.

5. Black Forest Cake

favored cake, it is loved for its rich sweetness; it’s a dessert lover’s dream with its layers of chocolate cake, cream, and cherry combination. Did your favorite cake make it on the list?

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