What Foods to Eat and not to Eat for Diabetes: Enjoy Healthy Life by eliminating Diabetes

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There is an increased rate of heart ailments these days and the most common cause of heart diseases is that of diabetes. Diabetes, the silent killer is no longer limited to aged persons anymore. The middle aged men and women and often in the worst case, the younger generation aged within 30s are also diagnosed with diabetes.

The fast life with constant competition to climb the ladder higher, we tend to ignore our health. Increased smoking and alcohol to reduce stress and revive our mental stamina besides showing off for a social status is quite common these days and even though we see gender inequality in various social incidents that take us by surprise but in tobacco and alcohol there is no gender gap at all! Isn’t it surprising?

To aim towards a healthier life so that we can face the challenges of our lives, both professional and personal it is of utmost importance that we start taking steps. If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, you definitely need to control the sugar intake. But if you are not, don’t feel safe because it might grab you at any point in life so start taking the necessary precautions so that you don’t have to bid a bye to those candies and sweets!

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diabetes patients diet

Things to follow for Diabetic Patients
Basically, taking care of diabetes is very easy. It is just that you have to eat healthy, lose the unnecessary fat and live healthy. It is said that people who have stubborn belly fat are more prone to diabetes compared to the ones who weigh lesser. Reduce smoking and consumption of alcohol and also cut down on sugar fried or sugar boiled food stuff. This automatically reduces the sugar component from your diet. Now all you need is energy, healthy fat and essential nutrients to keep you rolling and healthy. So first let us discuss the foods that you should incorporate in your diet.

Say yes to:
Foods that promise you a healthier diabetic free heart can be summarized as below:

  • Say yes to healthy fats like those in nuts, olive oils, fish oil, flax seeds an avocados
  • Include high fibre cereals and breads from whole grains
  • Include fishes and chicken in your diet for protein content, but make sure they are organic ones.
  • Include leafy vegetables and low sugar bran flakes
  • If you cannot do without rice, go for brown rice instead of white rice, for potatoes, substitute it with sweet potatoes
  • Eggs, low fat dairy products, yoghurt which is not sweetened are also good for your health.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are also good for health. You may also try the mix fruit beverages for they provide you the goodness of all fruits at once. Make sure you consume these mix fruit beverages from the trusted and leading manufacturers and suppliers only so that there is no harsh chemical component or preservatives or damaging sweeteners in them. But the best option is to consume the whole colourful fruits.

Remember diabetes does not mean any sugar or sweets at all, but it means controlled intake of sugar. An optimal amount of sugar component is required for healthy heart and brain functioning. So keep a check on the sugar intake.

Say No to:
Now coming to what should you avoid keeping diabetes at a safer distance is as below:

  • White rice rich in starch is a big no-no!
  • Potatoes, whether fried or boiled is to be avoided at all levels
  • Pasta
  • Any processed or packaged fast food
  • Corn and cornflakes

dessert as a healthy sweet

If you cannot do without sweets, the best trick is to have it as a dessert as a healthy sweet component rather than having it as a stand-alone food item. It is difficult to cut down on sweets completely but slowly and gradually you can reduce the sugary component. It is all about living and eating healthy. Just cut down on those junk and fast packaged sausages and pizzas, burgers and snacks.

Start working out and include healthy high fibre, healthy fats and protein in your diet. Once you get used to the healthy diet, you will eventually stick to it owing to the amazing results! So take the first step to a healthy life by staying away from diabetes which is a major indication of a severe heart disease.

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