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    What Foods to Eat and not to Eat for Diabetes: Enjoy Healthy Life by eliminating Diabetes

    There is an increased rate of heart ailments these days and the most common cause of heart diseases is that of diabetes. Diabetes, the silent killer is no longer limited to aged persons anymore. The middle aged men and women and often in the worst case, the younger generation aged within 30s are also diagnosed with diabetes. The fast life with constant competition to climb the ladder higher, we tend…

  • FoodFat Burning Foods

    10 Fat Burning Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet Today

    It may seem too good to be true, but there are foods out there that can help you burn fat in no time. These foods basically boost your metabolism and eliminate toxins that make it difficult for you to shed weight. Do note though, these foods will only work if they are consumed as a part of a healthy diet. Don’t expect a miracle if you think munching on a…

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