What Are The Hazards of Often Eating Fast Food

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The results of research show that fast food is the culprit of causing obesity. New research also shows that eat fried food is not only detrimental waist, also elevated cholesterol levels, detrimental to the liver. Eat fried food a month, damaging on the liver is similar to hepatitis.

Most of fast food is cooked with oil, then the food will produce free radicals chemically very active, destruction of essential fatty acids in food, destroy nutrients protecting the body, such as vitamins A, E, increased transaminase levels in the blood.

Aminotransferase is essential “catalyst” for the process of human metabolism, mainly in the liver cells. When the liver cell happens inflammation, necrosis, poisoning, resulting in liver cell damage, ALT is released into the blood, serum transaminase elevation. 1% of the liver cell damage can make the blood alanine aminotransferase (ALT) concentrations doubled.

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Three DisAdvantages of Eating Fast Food:

DisAdvantages of Fast Food

1. nutrient supply lacks of balance, only focus on meat, sugar and fats and oils supply, the lack of vegetables, fruits, cellulose. The relative lack of vitamins and minerals, so the long-term consumption of fast food can lead to nutrient imbalance.

2. the excess heat supply, fat and simple sugars are in fast food as a major energy supplier, are extremely concentrated in a class of substances, so the body could easily absorb more than the daily required energy. The more oil and even the animals fatty, contains too much saturated fat, easily lead to high cholesterol, heart health hazard.

3. the excess supply of salt, most fast food salt seasonings are very heavy, and contains a lot of salt bad for cardiovascular and kidney, long-term consumption, then health is certainly damaged, but the damage is not obvious, it is not taken seriously by people.

The characteristics of fast food

1. high fat and more fried
2. high salt and tastes heavy.
3. high-sugar fast foods is all high-carbohydrate products, regardless of cold drink or a hot drink, contain large amounts of sugar desserts.
4. add quite much seasoning is feature of fast food, attractive appetite, makes people eat fast and more.
5. in the process of making low-fiber foods snack, don’t try to use the low-fiber foods, people will eat so fast that people do not need to chew.
6. containing more artificial additives

How To Be Healthy To Eat Fast Food

Whether fast food affects health is not all due to fast food itself, more important is how to choose the food we consume. As long as the food portfolio is selected properly, also can eat fast food.

1. eating less heavy and more light

When eat fast food, had best not to select those greasy, high salt and sweet foods, so people are strong flavor will have to adjust their eating habits. A person had better eat no more than 6 grams a day. You’d better eat less salty foods, such as: pickles, bacon, bacon, bean curd such food.

2. the correct choice of lunch

When we usually choose lunch should pay attention to eat some green leafy vegetables, less meat and oil. Eat meat every day at about 50-100 grams is most appropriate. Pork skin, chicken skin and other energy food are to eat less.

3. pay attention to diet arrangement

Eating fast food is unable to achieve the balance of nutrients in our diet, so we need to add some vitamins and dietary fiber to compensate for the lack of eating fast food nutrition. In life, tomatoes and cucumbers can complement what we need.

So we can buy raw tomatoes and cucumbers to eat.

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