Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

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Almost all of you have ever heard about health benefits of cottage cheese at least once in your life. This cheese is a dairy product and beloved by many people all parts of the world due to its delicious and mildly sweet flavor. Indeed, cottage cheese will bring to you a large number of impressive health benefits.

What is Cottage Cheese?

Like other types of cheeses, cottage cheese is also made from milk with different levels of fat and proteins. So you can find many options of this product including reduced-fat, high-fat or regular one. In fact, the reduced-fat products are the most popular and ideal that you can easily buy them right in your local store. As you should know, cottage cheese is one of the best choices for people who hit the gym or want to reduce weight. This cheese contains high amount of protein and low amount of carbohydrates. It is recommended to add cottage cheese into your daily meal to obtain the great sources of nutrients and minerals. Additionally, cheese can be used as a wonderful home remedy for lactose intolerance.

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How to Make Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is widely known as a fresh and natural cheese which is produced without any aging or colored process to enhance its flavor. Therefore, it is really simple to make cottage cheese and you can totally prepare it at home. It goes through a few steps to get the sweet and tasty cheese. Firstly, you add some acidic powder into a bowel of milk to curdle it, afterwards you will see two separated parts: the liquid and the curd. Secondly, when these curds become more solid, you will cut them into cubes and heat until the moisture is removed thoroughly. The next step is draining and chilling, then add some more flavor and spices. Finally, you can savor the white, soft and mild sweet cottage cheese which is so good for your overall health.

Nutrition Facts of Cottage Cheese

It is evident that cottage cheese will supply your body with a lot of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This dairy product is loaded with calories which fuel your strength and keeps you energetic for all day long. In detail, in 100 grams of cottage cheese, it contains 83 calories, 12 grams proteins, 2.9 grams carbs, 1.05 grams fat, 15% of the RDI for sodium, 11% of the RDI for vitamin B12. Furthermore, cottage cheese also provides you with plenty of minerals such as calcium, selenium, phosphorus, potassium and so on.

Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

1. Stronger Bone
The first and outstanding health benefit of cheese cottage that we would like to show you is healthy bone. As mentioned above, cottage cheese is loaded of great sources of calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, these two types of mineral will work together to promote the density of your bone. With the regular consumption of cottage cheese, it can help you strengthen your tooth and bone, especially it is an effective protection towards osteoporosis. Adults and older people are able to eat this nutritious cheese without worry about weight gain.

2. Healthy Heart and Nervous System
In this day and age, heart diseases are one of the life-threatening problems that affect one in every 500 people all over the world. Luckily, cottage cheese can prevent you from the risk of heart illness as well as enhance the nervous system. Cottage cheese will reduce the level of homo cysteine in your body, control the blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation. Furthermore, the great source of vitamin B12 found in cottage cheese has a great effect on the growth and function of your nervous system. In detail, this vitamin apparently helps you improve the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

3. Support Weight Loss
One of the amazing health benefits of cottage cheese is to support weight loss. This will be great information for people who are trying to lose weight or get away from obesity. Firstly, cottage cheese includes huge amount of protein, so you seem to be fuller and want to consume less food. To achieve the best result, you are better to have healthy diet and stay away from junk food. Secondly, cottage cheese helps you lower the sugar levels in your blood along with improving the transportation of sugar into all parts of your body. According to a study, cottage cheese also keeps obtaining the healthy protein and remove some unhealthy foods that you will have excellent impact on symptoms of diabetes and obesity.

4. Build Muscle and Burn Fat
As you know, cottage cheese is beloved by athletes and bodybuilder due to the low-fat option and high level of protein. The important protein in cottage cheese is casein which is really slow to be absorbed by your body. Thus, it will give you more constant energy to working out at the gym. Besides, cottage cheese slows down the digestion of amino acid leucine to enhance your muscle capacity. If you want to build muscle and burn fat effectively, you need to add this cheese into your daily meals. It is also advised that you had better eat cottage cheese before going to sleep in order to get the beautiful body image.

5. Improve Immunity
Another health benefit of cottage cheese is to promote your immune system. Indeed, the high selenium content and other nutrients which present in cottage cheese are beneficial to your overall health. It works as an antioxidant to inhibit the cell damage, promote the healing process. Moreover, daily consumption of cottage cheese helps you boost the immunity in order to fight against the dangerous substances from the outside world.

In addition, cottage cheese is widely known as a healthy and nutritious food throughout the world. During the pregnancy, the healthy diet with high-calorie intake is required for pregnant women because they are “eating for two”. In fact, cheese, milk and other dairy products made from those materials are really good for both mother and her baby because of a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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