How To Gain Weight With Fast Metabolism For Women

Women, who are extra slim and want to gain some weight with good metabolism, here are useful tips to gain extra weight to make you in perfect shape and you can also look very gorgeous with some fat on your body.

Someone has said – “A woman without curves is like jeans without pockets – you don’t know where to put your hands.” Size zero may be the latest fad but the vast majority of men would go for curvy over skinny on any given day. There is something about a curvy woman that men can’t resist and it’s her curves which are her identity as a woman.

Below are some important tips for all of you women who want to gain some extra pounds in order to flaunt those curves:

Don’t Skip Breakfast

A lot of women have this habit of skipping breakfast. If you want to gain some extra pounds, skipping breakfast will not do you any good. On the contrary, not having breakfast on a regular basis affects your health in a negative way.

Have Meals on Time

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – if you don’t have any of these meals on the time they are supposed to be had, you can forget about gaining weight. Also, remember to have snacks in between these meals. In short, eat whenever you feel the slightest craving for food.

Increase Your Calories

It goes without saying that you have to increase the calories you take on a daily basis. You have to eat more foods that contain protein and carbohydrates such as meat, eggs, milk, potatoes, corn etc. If you can’t increase the calories in your diet, then going to the gym will serve you no purpose.

Weight Training

You might not benefit from lifting weights as much as men would, still weight training is necessary. Remember that you have to lift more than you have been lifting if you are to reap the compete benefits of this. Lift as much as you can without injuring yourself. The more you sweat, the more you gain. Take advice from a trainer.

Skip Cardio

While cardio is a great body workout, you might want to skip it especially if you are too much into it. If you still can’t do without it, then keep it to minimum exercises. Cardio is effective for losing weight and it might prove to be a big hindrance in your weight gain process.

Avoid Alcohol

In times like these, we can’t really picture ourselves having a good time with friends without alcohol. But if you are gulping down alcoholic beverages (beer, whiskey, vodka etc) more too often, then you might not gain weight and if you do, then it may not be the kind of gain you want. So please keep a tab on your alcohol intake if you are serious about gaining weight.

Keep Track

Keep a daily record of the calories you intake. You can check your weight every week or whenever you so choose. Keep doing this so that you are aware of your progress. In won’t be long till you begin to see the extra pounds you have always wanted to have.

Try adhering to all the above advice and you will see that gaining weight isn’t as difficult as it seems. Within a month or two, you will start seeing the difference. So go ahead, work hard and enchant all the men out there with your curves.

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