Stress Relieving Foods: 7 Foods That Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Certain chemicals give people further energy and strength, which may be or not a good thing if their stress is caused by natural risk. This would also be a bad thing if their stress is the response with anything emotional and there is no exit for this extra energy.

Here is some stress management food diet, by using this food plan we can manage some extent of stress. We should strive to eat these foods regularly to help mental, emotional, and physical balance in our body.

Dark Chocolate To Reduce Stress

Chocolate are considered as a very good source of reducing stress, consumption of chocolate secretes a chemical called anandamide, a neurotransmitter build in our brain that momentarily obstruct the sensation of depression and pain.

chocolate is a derivative of the Sanskrit word “bliss,” also one of the great things about chocolate is that it not only secretes this compound, it also include other chemicals that hold the “feel-good” features of anandamide.

Bananas is Also Used To Reduce Stress

Bananas include dopamine, a genetic premium chemical which boosts our mood. it also contains B vitamins, vitamin B6, which support relax our nervous system, magnesium, added nutrient associated with positive mood.

Eat Oranges To Reduce Stress

Vitamin C reduces levels of stress hormones significantly while strengthening the immune system. Oranges are the very rich source of vitamin C. people with high blood pressure recovers more quickly who uses vitamin c in their diet plan.

How Spinach Can Help To Reduce Stress

Magnesium plays an important role in reducing headaches and fatigue. Spinach helps us to retain the Stock of magnesium in our body. Other green vegetables with leaf are the good source of magnesium.

Black Tea To Reduce Stress

Black tea helps recover from stress faster than compare to other beverages. The black tea drinkers feeling less stressful and lower level of cortical hormone.


Pistachios are good sources of healthy fats. A handful of pistachios daily help lower our cholesterol, less soreness in your heart’s arteries, cause diabetes less, and protect us toward the effects of stress.


To reduce high blood pressure we must use enough potassium, and avocado has the rich source of potassium. Guacamole which is made from avocado is a good choice for stress management.

So it is very important to keep an eye what we eat so that we can control our stress and live a healthy life.

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