Portable Food Power

It’s late afternoon and you’ve already performed two dozen errands. You have half a dozen more before you have time to get a moment to rest. Sometimes life gets hectic, and we tend to neglect our own basic needs. Getting the right nutrition is no exception.

When you begin to feel fatigued on a regular basis or you just don’t feel like yourself, it may be time to take a closer look at what you are (or are not) putting into your body. Consider some simple changes and get energized.

Quality Control

Food keeps you going, and using sub-par fuel in your body will catch up with you. You’ll feel yourself lagging behind and struggling to complete everyday tasks. Instead of relying on grab-and-go empty calories, consider setting aside some time to prepare nutritious foods to keep you energized until you can get home for that homemade meal you’ve been craving.

Portable Food Power

If you like to have something to sip as you conquer the world, replacing coffee with natural protein mixes such as NuMedica Total Vegan can provide you with clean liquid nourishment. For additional (and shareable) sustaining snacks, protein-rich options such as packs of almonds and beef sticks provide also provide not only protein but other important nutrients, and can also be packed in your car or tote bag for easy access.

Maintain Balance

Choosing yogurt over greasy fries is a healthier choice, but it is possible to go overboard even with smart snacking. You can get too much protein (which can be bad for kidneys), and some foods are higher in calories despite their dense nutritional value.

By never letting yourself get too hungry you can keep your consumption in check. Space your eating as evenly as possible throughout the day so that you won’t feel ravenous and have an urge to scarf an entire package of trail mix.

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