Foods That Look Like Body Parts: Resembling Body Parts

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The world of nutrition and human body is quite twisted and fascinating if you actually start thinking about it. The human body has various organs to perform daily functions like the brain, heart and kidneys but what’s fascinating is that the food found in nature actually resembles the very same body parts they’re beneficial for.

Check out these bizarre foods which resemble organs and body parts they’re meant to benefit:

Walnut- Brain

Walnuts resemble the human brain both in terms of the nut and the shell that ensconces it. What’s truly fascinating is that walnut is one of the best foods on the planet that is highly beneficial to the brain and sharpens not only cognitive thinking but boosts memory as well. Walnuts are rich in omega-3, Vitamin E and Vitamin B9 as well as anti-oxidants. Be sure to soak walnuts in water before consuming them in order to absorb maximum nutritional value.

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Carrot- Eye

When you cut a carrot along its diameter, it’s hard to ignore the similarities it has with the human eye. Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin A which helps maintain healthy eye sight and vision and also develops some immunity against eye diseases like cataract and degeneration due to age. Consuming carrot juice or raw carrots will definitely benefit your eyes.

Tomatoes- Heart

Tomatoes, when cut open resemble the delicate structure of the human heart and are also the exact food you should be eating for a healthy beating heart. Heart diseases have been increasing with more and more people suffering from cardiac arrest and heart failure. Consuming tomatoes increases the amount of lycopene which helps reduce developing a tendency for heart diseases. You can easily eat tomatoes in a salad and toss in some olive oil to increase the ability of your body to absorb lycopene.

Ginger- Stomach

Although ginger crudely resembles the stomach and helps keep your stomach healthy. The Gingerol helps prevent nausea and vomiting which is also an excellent remedy for those suffering from motion sickness. Gingers might have a pungent smell, but is wondrous for not just your stomach but throat as well.

Celery – Bone

Celery closely resembles the structure of bones and contains a good amount of silicon which is an essential ingredient in giving bones their strength. This will help you develop resilience against breaking bones or easily fracturing them.

Mushroom- Ear

When kept on its side, a mushroom closely resembles the pinna of the human ear. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D which helps preserve the health of your ear and prevents loss of hearing. Mushrooms can be cooked, baked or eaten cooked with soup but it should definitely be incorporated religiously in your diet.

Avocado- Uterus

Avocado is shaped in the form of the uterus and cervix but what’s the miraculous part is that it helps you fight cervical cancer as well as helps balance hormones. Another fun fact is that Avocados take 9 months to blossom from a flower to a fruit- just like a human baby!

Call it what you may- a trick of nature, a coincidence or just something you cannot fathom- these foods have been designed perfectly for the human body and help aid in the proper functioning of various organs.

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