Know about Tissue Expansion Procedure in Plastic Surgery

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Tissue expansion is yet another procedure associated to Dubai plastic surgery that actually allow the body to “grow” excessive skin to be used for further reconstruction and contouring of any area on the body.

A silicone balloon expander is implanted beneath the skin in an area to be repaired. It’s then gradually filled with salt water over time causing the skin to cultivate and stretch. While some of the most common use in breast reconstruction, tissue expansion process also showed optimistic outcomes in healing damaged skin due to birth defects, certain accidents and surgical procedures.

If your doctor at Dubai plastic surgery facility has recommended tissue expansion, the details here would get you acquainted with the procedure, the outcome and recovery. Read on to find out more!

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Tissue Expansion-Surgery

Appropriate candidates

From infants to teenagers, adult men and women; anyone in need of additional skin can benefit from the procedure. It’s quite common among women expecting breast reconstruction when lacking the skin to accommodate permanent implant that helps in restoring natural appearance.

Tissue expansion’s also an excellent option for repairing or replacement of the scalp area, especially where hair growth makes it difficult replacing lost tissue with the skin from different areas of the body. It must be noted that expansion on the back, torso or thick skinned areas is far more complex.

The procedure

Initial procedure takes an hour or two to complete, depending on the size and area of to-be expanded skin. The surgeon’s would start by making a small incision besides the area expecting surgery in a totally discreet way so as to keep the patient comfortable, stress and pain-free.

Silicone balloon expander would then be inserted in a pocket created under the skin. This expander includes a micro tube and self-sealing regulator or valve allowing the surgeon to gradually fill it with saline solution. This valve is then left beneath the skin’s surface.

Enlargement of the expander

Once incision heals, the patient is asked revisiting the surgeon or Dubai plastic surgery facility periodically so that the expander can be injected with saline water. As it enlarges, the skin would also stretch however may cause discomfort in some patients.

Secondary procedure

Second operation is performed for the removal of the expander and repositioning of the tissue. It’s carried once the skin has stretched enough to cover the affected areas. During breast reconstruction, the surgery that’s performed for removing the expander and inserting permanent implant is comparably brief. Repairing skin on the scalp or face takes longer and requires a series of procedures.

Post-surgery healing

Overall recovery and patient’s condition post-surgery depends on the nature and complexity of the procedure. Initial surgery performed for the insertion of the expander causes patients temporary discomfort that can be subsided through medication. Candidate may feel slight discomfort each time the expander is being injected with saline solution however, this usually last for an hour or two.


Tissue expansion technique’s now common with best Dubai plastic surgery allowing candidates to keep up with the normal routine without removing the expander.

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