What Are Your Options For Hair Replacement?

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In the modern era, chronic hair loss has emerged to be a common problem all over the world. India is not an exception to this phenomenon. A large population in India is suffering from hair thinning problem leading to partial or total baldness in both men and women. In many cases, people do not get rid of baldness in spite of intensive medical treatments. As baldness is considered to be a sign of aging, many people undergo depression and premature baldness also causes erosion of self-confidence.

Though there are plenty of recognized hair transplant clinics in Ludhiana, India. People often are reluctant to undergo surgical nature of therapy because of huge cost impact and also apprehending side effects. Also, sometimes end result of surgical treatment is not satisfactory and you have to undergo multiple surgeries to get the desired look.

Due to increasing demand for an alternative solution for hair loss treatment, pharmaceutical companies are coming up with newer options for hair replacement. You will be excited to know the fact that scientists have already successfully developed natural growing hair in laboratory.

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At initial stage, people developed an idea that these newer options are overpriced and only meant for high profile people like movie stars or businessman. But over the time, due to increasing demand, the cost of these alternative options of hair replacement has come down significantly.

Below we are discussing somenewly developed options for hair replacement-

Hair Regeneration
With the advancement of medical science, an alternative effective option for hair replacement has come up in place of surgical procedure called as Hair Regeneration. Here stem cells play a major role. Extracellular matrix, a wound healing material is applied on the bald area of the scalp which attracts the blood supply and stem cells. Thus, new cells are restored which helps to develop hair regrowth on affected area. Extracellular matrix contains regenerative growth factor and healing component. Thus, duplication process of scalp tissues and muscles are possible with the regenerated stem cells.

Hair Cloning
In this new advanced technique, patient’s hair follicles are used for multiplication process.These multiplied hair follicles are then grafted on hair thinning area of the scalp. Stem cells are monitored by in vitro process. This technique is very useful for male pattern baldness. But this process is still under laboratory work as scientists are not yet successful to produce the desired amount of hair follicles. Also, sometimes it is observed that newly created hair follicles fail to regenerate new hair. Hair cloning treatment may incur more cost than normal hair transplant surgery.

Using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
Platelet-rich plasma or PRP technique is becoming more successful among the newer options for hair replacement in 2017. This amazing treatment is only dependent on the blood plasma of the patient.

PRP is an activator which helps to regenerate hair growth on bald area. Blood circulation is enhanced by applying PRP on affected area of the scalp. Some specified amount of blood is taken from patient’s body and distributed in eight glass tubes. This blood then undergoes laboratory process for generating PRP. Finally, platelet-rich plasma, platelet-poor plasma and a concentration of blood are prepared.

The procedure involves in injecting PRP or platelet rich plasma in the affected zone of the scalp with a small syringe. Sometimes local anaesthesia is applied to reduce the pain.

Using Hair Weaving or Wigs
We all are accustomed to see advertisements about surgical and alternate hair replacement treatments. But many a times patient t=returns home with dissatisfaction due to the quality of hair follicles of donor area. Due to the under performance of these hair follicles, newly generated hairs are neither healthy nor strong enough to last long. Also, cost is another major aspect for stopping people from these surgeries or alternate methods. So, if you are worried enough to undergo any methods of hair replacement technique, you can always opt for the simplest solution for hair loss problem i.e. using a hair weaving or wig. You can find many companies offering hair weaving products in online portals. Even you can order the appropriate one by just sitting at home. The online portals will teach you how to take measurement of your own scalp. After measuring, you have to prepare a sketch of your scalp pattern. The agencies will use this pattern to customize a wig for you.

Surely now you have gathered some significant ideas about the newer options of hair replacement techniques in hair transplant in 2017. Lots of research work is also going on in clinics of all major cities of India including Ludhiana. So, you can always try with some of this recent technology of hair replacement at a reasonable cost in India.

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