Hair Transplantation

  • Hairhair transplant surgery

    The Truth Regarding Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair transplant surgery is a viable option for people who want thicker hair that covers their thinning areas. However, many people shy away from the procedure because of the stigma surrounding it. They hear that it’s extremely painful, that it doesn’t work as well as it should, and that people will notice that they’ve had it done. Other falsehoods include the fact that the transplanted hair is fake and not…

  • HairHair Replacement

    What Are Your Options For Hair Replacement?

    In the modern era, chronic hair loss has emerged to be a common problem all over the world. India is not an exception to this phenomenon. A large population in India is suffering from hair thinning problem leading to partial or total baldness in both men and women. In many cases, people do not get rid of baldness in spite of intensive medical treatments. As baldness is considered to be…

  • HairHair Transplant Surgery

    What You Need To Know About Body Hair Transplant

    Over the past few years, hair transplant has become a big thing and there are a growing number of people who are now not only opting for the same, but also proudly admitting to the fact that they have undergone such a surgery. It is interesting to note that in the past few years, there are also a large number of people, who are willing to spend large amounts of…

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