Pune: The Upcoming Destination For Hair Transplant

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Usually, men have nightmares just thinking about ‘Hair today gone tomorrow’ scenario. Look, it is a known fact that a high percentage of men start losing their hair in their twenties due to many reasons, the main being male-pattern baldness. Apart from this, stress, pollution, climate, vitamin deficiency, illness, medication and over-use of styling products have an adverse effect on our hair. If it is not controlled then severe hair loss causes thinning, receding hairline and even baldness.

Luckily, with the help of hair transplant, we can now overcome our hair loss problem and it gives long-lasting results. Hair transplant has brought about a positive change in the lives of people who suffered from hair loss and baldness. You will be surprised to know that this procedure is available in most metro cities in India. In Maharashtra, other than Mumbai, hair transplant in Pune is also in high demand as there are many expert hair transplant specialists based there.

Not only the doctors are experienced, they also use the latest technique that assures great results. Because of this, the people of Pune and the nearby areas and towns do not feel the inclination to travel to Mumbai for this treatment.

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As if that’s not enough, the hair transplant cost in Pune is also very reasonable and you can easily find a clinic that will fall within your budget. Most of the clinics have a great infrastructure with the latest equipment and dedicated staff. Other than this the climate of Pune is pleasant and helps in quick recovery. Not to forget, that it is well-connected to rest of India and the interior of Maharashtra through trains and road.

Is hair transplant effective?
Naturally, most of us will be apprehensive before undergoing a hair transplant. You may want to know if the surgery is safe and whether it gives best results. Well, hair transplant is a minor procedure that takes around a day or two to complete. There is no need for you to stay back in the clinic and can go home immediately after the procedure. In Pune, the doctors usually transplant around three thousand hair in a single day and may need more days if you require more grafts. Post-treatment you can resume your normal routine within a short span of time.

Within a month, the transplanted hair may fall off, but do not panic as it is normal and on the contrary a good sign. This shows the new hair is growing from the roots due to which it is pushing off the old hair. For the final results, you will have to wait for around 7 to 9 months. Simply stated, hair transplant gives amazing results provided you have got your procedure done by a reputed doctor who is an expert in this field.

What are the different procedures available for hair transplant in Pune?
Generally, there are two methods that are provided by the doctors in Pune namely Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Follicular unit transplantation
Also known as strip transplantation, it is the traditional procedure wherein a strip of hair-bearing tissue is removed from your donor area that is the back of your head. The surgeon then stitches up that area and individual follicular grafts are prepared from the strip which is then implanted in your recipient area.

Follicular unit extraction
This is a newer procedure which is less invasive and requires a short recovery period. Here, the surgeon removes the individual grafts from the donor area with the help of a small punch and implants them in the affected area which has been prepared beforehand by the surgeon. In recent time, FUE is the more preferred treatment option in Pune as it does not leave behind any scars and also there are no sutures involved.

The recovery is faster without any major complications or infection. In addition, the doctors have the freedom of placing the grafts accordingly so that it gives a natural look. They place grafts containing one or two fine hair in the hairline area and larger and thicker grafts in the middle to give volume.

FUE is the most sought-after procedure regardless of it being costlier and time-consuming than FUT. If you are planning to have hair transplant surgery then do keep Pune as an option as you will not regret it.

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