Why Laser Hair Removal Is the Best Solution for Unwanted Hair

Hair removal is a constant battle and factors such as age or hormones can make it even worse. If you’re at wit’s end using razors, smelly creams or painful hot wax, it’s time to find a longer-lasting solution. Laser hair removal is a great option for anyone looking to have smooth skin without the fuss. Here are four reasons laser hair removal is the best solution for that unwanted hair.

Quick and Easy

For anyone that thinks laser hair removal is a complicated process, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. For example, the underarm area can take literally minutes to complete. However, you’ll need to return to your laser hair removal spa Manhattan for more sessions as hair grows in at different rates. When your appointments are completed, you’re good to go unless you require a touch-up in the future.

Virtually Pain-Free

Laser hair removal works by sending a pulse of light onto the hair destroying the follicle and preventing it from growing. The procedure may cause minor irritation or none at all. At your appointment, your technician will apply a numbing or cooling gel after the hair is trimmed. You may also be asked to wear eye protection. Many patients claim laser hair removal is less painful than waxing.

It’s Extremely Precise

Some people aren’t looking to remove a lot of hair, but are instead hoping to get rid of a few specific ones. Laser hair removal is extremely precise and can remove just a few hairs without damaging the surrounding skin. This is especially helpful in small areas such as eyebrows, the nose and upper lip. Having an experienced technician doing the work is easier too, because no hairs will get missed.

You’ll Save Money

Although you’ll pay more upfront, choosing laser hair removal finally allows you to say goodbye to shaving creams, depilatories and expensive razor blades. You also won’t have to pay for painful and pricy hot wax treatments. Never having to worry about hair removal again, or spending all that time on it, is well-worth the price of laser removal.

Best Choice for Hair Removal

Because of all the benefits of laser hair removal, it’s really your best choice for getting rid of excess hair. It’s fast and simple, relatively painless and it will save you a ton of money in the future. By scheduling an appointment for laser hair removal now, you’ll have silky, hair-free skin in a matter of weeks.

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