Long Layered Hair: How Ayurveda Helps for Long Hair

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Today very few of use believe in the importance of a hair care regime that involves oiling our hair. This is despite the fact that this is one of our oldest traditions. Most of us will have a memory of our grand-moms or moms oiling our hair for its health.

Yet, we prefer the more chemical formulations of modern shampoos and conditioners or believe that we are too busy in our daily schedule to take some time out to shampoo our hair.

Yet our old traditions tell us that oiling our hair is important for its health. Many of these traditions come from Ayurveda. This age-old philosophy on health and well being is one of our most important inheritances.

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Ayurveda has detailed accounts of human illnesses, causes and treatment. Many of our health remedies have their origins in the teachings of Ayurveda. Luckily, we can now get the right formulations from Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers.

Haircare and Ayurveda

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach towards health. Good health also includes taking care of one’s appearance. How we look is a reflection of our inner health. Interestingly, this care goes from inside out and from outside in.

So what we eat and how we live effects the way we look, but what we put externally also effects our inner health. This is why Ayurvedic remedies are actually beneficial for our health and hair.

Ayurveda uses only natural means — herbs and other natural elements in its formulations.

The benefits of applying hair oil are many. Apart from the beneficial effects of the oils, the massaging of the scalp also adds to its overall effect. It improves the blood circulation, which in turn improves the health of the hair.

When we massage the oil into our scalp, the herbs and other natural elements in the oil go into the skin, nourishing the hair at its roots. Massage also has therapeutic effect, as many of its recipients can testify!

It can calm the mind and help in improving sleep at night. A good massage can even relieve us of a headache!

You can make many of these Ayurvedic oils at home. But it would be far easier to buy them from an Ayurvedic store. Here are some of the best Ayurvedic hair oils:

Coconut oil

We are all familiar with this one as it continues to be a popular choice with people and Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers. It has rejuvenating effect and is often used for aromatherapy.

It is a great conditioner which repairs damaged hair. It is a good coolant and hence, appropriate for people living in hot regions. In cold weather, simply heat the oil to lukewarm before applying.

Bhringaraj Oil

This is another ever favourite. Extremely effective for its healing properties, bhringaraj oil nourishes the hair from the roots. It is a potent applicant in hair care with multiple benefits — preventing hair loss and premature greying, promoting hair growth and acting as a coolant.

Regular head massage can also help us prevent dandruff and dryness. You can make bhrigraj oil by mixing bhringraj powder, curry leaves, dried hibiscus flower powder, and fenugreek seeds to make a paste.

Heat coconut oil, add this paste and let it boil for a while. Cool this solution and bottle it up.

Neem oil

With its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, neem oil is very effective in removing hair related disorders like dandruff. It is full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which also makes it a very effective nourisher for the hair.

Neem Oil usually mixes it with carriers like sesame oil or coconut oil. It is also effective as a hair mask.

Amla oil

It is an effective remedy for a number of pitta related conditions, like headaches and dizziness. It can be used with sesame oil or coconut oil. It is also very effective in protecting the hair from sun damage.

Sesame Oil

This was a very common base for many Ayurvedic formulations, a practice followed by Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers today as well.

This is because it is light enough to take other additions. But more importantly, it has multiple benefits for the hair from preventing dandruff, greying of hair, hair fall and baldness.

It can also relive headaches. Because of its many beneficial properties, it is also recommended as a baby massage oil.

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