How To Protect Yourself From Spring Health Problems

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The coming of spring is cause for celebration for all of us, but not for those who feel the most atmospheric pressure that increases with the advent of the warm season. That’s because this may experience joint pain, blood pressure and fatigue spring.

Our physiological processes are closely related to the environment because the body always adapts to changes in atmospheric pressure. If these changes are sudden, the body will try to adapt consuming more energy, which can cause problems.


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Joint pain caused by atmospheric pressure

Joint pain occur when the intra-articular pressure between atmospheric pressure and there is a significant difference. The pressure in the joints fails to adapt easily to external pressure and body perceives this as pain.

People exposed to such a risk are:
people are basically sensible
people with premature aging joints
people suffering from various ailments

The blood pressure caused by the atmospheric pressure

Arteries and veins also have an intra-arterial pressure, which subject to external atmospheric pressure will cause changes in blood flow or other heart problems. It is said that spring is the season so that heart disease manifests clicks and infractions and strokes.

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Spring fatigue caused by atmospheric pressure

Spring fatigue occurs when the body fails to adapt to environmental changes and is often characterized by fatigue. In an attempt to adapt the body consumes more energy and so tired.

How do we help movement in combating these problems?

Movement is responsible for the well being of an individual and the physical and mental benefits.

#1. If you suffer from arthritis or rheumatism, whose symptoms are joint pain, you should consult a physiotherapist who will help lessen the pain through a personalized physical therapy program. This program will ensure the smooth functioning of joints and the body will not feel negative atmospheric pressure changes.

#2. balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables with outdoor exercise can be beneficial for blood pressure. Also, a physical therapy program will normalize cardiac activity and will tone the muscles. Thus the heart can function at physiological parameters, blood pressure and a pulse being optimum.

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#3. Physical therapy is recommended in cases of fatigue spring. Physical therapy program can be done outdoors, so you stimulate certain muscle groups to secrete serotonin, responsible well being.

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