9 Tips For Eyes: Save EYE Vision, Eyesight and Improve Your Eye Health

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How To Take Good Care Of Your Eyes? Here are few ways that will help you take care of your eyes.

Eyes are vital organ for everyone and it requires good care, which we usually ignore. But it is very necessary to take good care of your eyes, which help you to give good vision.

Here are few ways that will help you take care of your eyes.

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Food Habits

Anything for body is related through the type of food we intake. So try to eat healthy foods, which will keep your eyes healthy. Add to your plate green leafy vegetables like spinach. Salmon, tuna and other oily fish. Eggs, meat, nuts all contain proteins, which are good for eyes. Fruits, which contain citrus acid, like oranges. Eating healthy foods in good in all the ways it will keep you fit and fine and also take cares your eyes.

Quit Smoking

If you are smoker better to quit it as soon as possible. In addition mouth and lungs related diseases it can also harm your eyes, smokers are more likely to get cataract problems compared to non smokers.

Wear Sunglasses

We all live in polluted areas. Better use sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust, dirt and also from UV rays. While choosing a sunglass make sure they lock 99-100% of UV rays. Even if you are a contact lens user prefer to wear sunglass, which will give protection to your eyes.

Eye Checkup

Get your eyes checked every 2 years. If your wear a glass then better to get your eyes checked within 6 months. Eyes are very sensitive so regular checkup is good.

Daily Exercise

Exercise regularly it was found that exercising reduces 70% of chances of muscular degeneration. Also try to do some eye related exercises.

BP & Sugar Check Up

Get your blood pressure and sugar checked in regular basis because these two can affect your eyes in many ways so it is better to know before hand.

8 Horus of Sleep

Sleep is another important factor for healthy eyes. After a long tired day your eyes are stained. Have a good healthy night sleep of 7-8 hours which will keep your eyes fit and good health.

Cucumber on Eyes

Place cucumber slices on your eyes to cool it. Placing them will help you reduce puffiness.

Blink Eyes

Computer usage has now become very common now a days, so don’t forget to blink your eyes. While you are using computer you tend to blink your eyes lesser times than normal. So make sure you blink your eyes while using computers.

When you are working in computer work on 20-20 methods. After every 20 minutes take a 20 second break. Look away from screen and let your eyes relax for 20 seconds.

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