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  • Health NEWSTinea Versicolor

    Interesting Tinea Versicolor Diet Tips for Tinea Versicolor Patients

    Tinea Versicolor Disease is caused by the pityrosporum fungus and does not usually have signs, but some people feel itching and more perspiration when getting this disease. The fungal infected area has many colors, including pinkish or dark, small spots with sharp edges. Tinea versicolor disease usually occurs in the upper arms, chest, back, neck, and sometimes on the face. You will see pale or pinkish spots; for dark skin, you will see…

  • FoodHealthy Diet Plan

    Amazing Tips To Follow A Healthy Diet Plan for Healthy Weight

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a vital part of keeping good health, and can help you feel good. It does not have to be hard either. How Habit of eating vegetables and fruit with less salt, starchy foods, fish also Do not forget breakfast as routine to start your day to stay healthy and energetic. I have shared few tips to Follow A Healthy Diet in 2016. Simply follow…

  • Weight LossHow-To-Lose-Weight

    Diet Tips for Men and Women To Lose Weight

    Being foodie and gaining calories is so easy! But likewise restraining yourself and losing weight is other harsh side of the coin. Foodies find it really difficult to shed down extra pounds. With little planning and restrain they can do it very easily. We bring some of the fastest and healthiest ways to wave off your Extra Fats. Just follow them right through the base and you will be surprised by smart…

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