10 Most Comfortable Women’s Athletic Underwear Lingerie

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Sure, you would stock up on high heel shoes like nobody’s business and must be a true designer handbags lover – but what about your lingerie drawers?

Is it filled with pretty little things that make you feel breathtaking? When it comes to a perfect closet for women, what lies beneath is as important as your couture.

Most of us become clueless when it comes to lingerie or say, become ignorant or the worst rely on warped underwire bras, faded briefs and sleep shirts that have seen the better days?? Duh! Come on, girl! You don’t deserve this!

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10 Comfortable Women’s Athletic Underwear Lingerie

The right undergarments will not only change the way you look, but boost your confidence too. Let us decode the must own lingerie for women that you should not live without. We’ve rounded up a list of 10 essential lingerie items. No excuses now!

Wearing a matching bra and panty set is what makes you feel out of this world. It really does! Choose something from an exciting print to delicate laces or a full of romance set or pick one, which is daring and hot. Seize your pick.

#1. Shape wear

Darling, why the world should know that you’re having a fat day?  Especially when you have to don a bodycon dress!  Shape wear flattens and tucks where you need it at the most. We say, prefer a black or nude one.

#2. A Selection of Bras

The collection of bras should include all the essentials- T-shirt, push up, convertible, backless, and sports bras. Make sure that you own a nude and a black bra too. Dare not you forget to throw in some lace excitement too!

#3. Satin Gown

A chic yet totally sexy negligee is the must one to have. If you’re in a relationship and don’t have- you must be kidding us. Step into your nearest store or do online lingerie shopping for yourself!

#4. Camisoles

Not always, you can roam around wearing a sheer top with a nude bra…right? You have to have a set of camisoles. Even, the dresses you have ditched due to the long neckline, you can wear them much confidently with camisoles inside.

While black, nude and white are must haves, you can also give a go to few colours when it comes to playing mix N match.

#5. A set of Panties

You ought to stock your underwear drawer as well. Keep granny p’s for the days which demand comfort, seamless panties, a few silk, a black cotton one and a lace one for you- and you know when.

#6. Bustier

Now bustier becomes a must-own as it pushes the bust up by tightening your midriff and gives you a nipped-in waist simultaneously. Choose from seamless, push-up, under wired, strapless, and corset bustier.

#7. Corset

Do you know how corset came into use? It was introduced by Catherine de Medici into France in the 1500s. It assures the waist to emphasize the bust and hips, thus a curvaceous figure that will entice your man.

#8. Teddy

Also known as cami-knickers, this piece of lingerie combines the functions of a camisole and panties. The teddy is a swimsuit style, one-piece lingerie that covers your torso and crotch.

It works wonderfully when you want to wear your favorite short dresses or thinking to get rid of panty lines.

#9. Robe

Slip into a stylish robe after the bath session or while doing makeup before going out- the best robe is simple and silk. These are good-to-carry on the vacations and can make you feel like a diva.

Remember girls, when it’s about lingerie, comfort outshines all. There is no point in wearing anything that’s too scratchy or tight and annoying. Okay, girl? Athletic underwear like this intimate will surely cast a magic spell, trust us and make these lingerie trends work for you!

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