Dental Implants

The quality of your teeth influences your appearance and how confident you feel. Many people want to improve their teeth to look younger and feel proud to smile. When you want to show off a beautiful smile, there are a few reasons to consider getting dental implants.

Missing Teeth
Missing teeth can affect the type of foods that you can consume and can affect how professional you look in the workplace. Gaps in the smile can also lead to decay of the jaw bone and can cause sagging to occur with your facial structure. You can benefit from a dentist Niles who can install implants to restore missing teeth.

Ample Bone Quality
An ample amount of bone quality is necessary to ensure that the implant can be placed in the gums to anchor the new tooth. In some cases, there are still ways to secure the tooth if a significant amount of bone loss has occurred. Many procedures are available to rebuild the bone before the implant is placed in the gums. Children should not get dental implants because their jaws are still developing.

Ideal candidates for the implants are non-smokers because exposure to tobacco affects the success of the new teeth. Those who grind their teeth frequently and suffer from bruxism are also not candidates because it can damage the implants over time.

Good Health
The patient should be in good health to ensure that their body responds well to the dental implant. Women who are pregnant should wait until after they deliver to undergo the procedure. The medications that you’re taking can also complicate the success of the procedure, making it necessary to consult your doctor and dental professional ahead of time. Those who are taking certain medications that affect blood clotting or cancer drugs should also wait to get dental implants until their health improves.

It’s important to know if you’re a candidate for dental implants to ensure that there aren’t any risks. By speaking with a dentist, you can understand what the procedure involves and if it’s an option for improving your smile.