What You Should Know When Buying a Dental Handpiece

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Dental handpieces are crucial in most offices. They perform essential tasks and must meet the criteria of each dentist. Here are some things you should know when you are buying a handpiece.

Power Source

Air and electricity are two primary power sources for these tools. Air systems are further broken down based on the technology inside the head, such as a handpiece turbine or air motor.


Turbines and contra-angles are the two types of motors in the head. Air turbines are lightweight, cheaper, and more robust, although they can emit a high-pitched noise that destroys your hearing. Electric contra-angles do not produce this noise and will not damage your hearing. Also, they can increase the speed at which you perform your procedures.

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Instrument Lights

Today, it is popular to have lights attached to your instruments. This offers improved visibility of the treatment site. Typically, this will be a halogen light running through a glass rod. Look for a tool with lights.

Head Size

The smaller the head is, the easier it will be for you to access and see a treatment site. Therefore, you should consider the diameter and height of any potential tools.

Speed Range

The idle speed of a handpiece can hint at its cutting performance. Electric motors tend to have lower RPMs than air powered systems. However, electric motors can also be controlled easier. Additionally, they have a consistent torque throughout the entire speed range. Although electric motors are becoming popular, air ones can offer you higher speeds if needed.

Spray Systems

You may find that you need a spray system to cool a tooth you are working on. Look for one that offers a solid stream of water to cool an area and remove debris.


To meet basic hygiene requirements, you are going to need to sterilize your tools after each use. Therefore, you should look for a system with a coupling design that allows for easy removal of hoses.


Cleaning and maintenance will be necessary for any device you purchase. Different designs will come with unique requirements. It is important to look for a handpiece that doesn’t have a complicated care process.


Most instruments will be sterilized several times a day. It is important to choose one that can handle the level of sterilization you use.

You want to make sure you choose a suitable handpiece for your office. Therefore, you need to consider everything from the power source to care requirements. This will help you find a device that meets your specific needs.

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