What You Should Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breasts are one of the defining parts of femininity, therefore requiring due care and attention. Many women are afraid of surgery for breast augmentation, private information on this intervention. The team of specialists in plastic surgery at the clinic Metamorphosis shows us ways we can increase our, reduce or bust, even men can opt for gynecomastia.

50 years ago held the first surgery of breast implants. Although long past, women still find skeptical of this surgery. Here’s what to know before you make a small step for a big bust.

Preparing for surgery breast implants
Two weeks before the surgery, the surgeon prescribe drugs that must be administered both prior to surgery and after. To remember though: before surgery, not aspirin or NSAID type (NSAIDs).

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Nor when they return home after the operation should not be overlooked, because for one week after the intervention stretch to take objects that are placed on a high shelf to be avoided. Thus, the house must be prepared for his return favorable. Pull over bust clothes that are replaced with those that are close in front or in back, casual and comfortable. After surgery is recommended sleep least on a surface slope, because the upper body is raised, implants and need to stay in the right position for fast and efficient recovery.

In recent breast augmentation consultancies before, the patient will give blood samples and i will do an ultrasound to make matters clear and under control. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided for 2 weeks before surgery.

On the day of surgery the patient should come to the center with areas that will undergo surgery clean and disinfected. It is understandable that you enter the operating room without accessories, makeup, nail polish, contact lenses, piercings, creams or lotions. Ideal is a casual clothing. Preferably, it get 1 hour or two before the time of programming for intervention.

The specialist in plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery, Dr. Silvia Stanculescu explains: “Breast implants are ideal for those who want their breasts to gain volume. The intervention does not affect the ability of breastfeeding and breast is done under general anesthesia, so that fear and has no place in our clinic. The risks are almost non-existent, only a small number of people experimentad problems after surgery.”

About breast implants
Enlargement or augmentation breasts is recommended to those who have undergone a change of shape and breast size after pregnancy and lactation, after an aggressive diet, women with hypo breast or mammary asymmetry and, of course, those who want an enlargement and more pronounced contouring of the breasts. The pain is bearable scars heal in one year, and the consequences of not attacking surgery health. Up to a maximum of 3 hours, the patient is under general anesthesia from which the complex will wake up dropped small bust.

“At present, more and more women opt for the breast enlargement because it is a rapid intervention whose benefits are observed long term. We have all the equipment and experience necessary to say that any imperfection in the breasts can find its solution, “said Dr. Silvia Stanculescu expert.

Myths about breasts
According to experts in plastic surgery, Dr. Silvia Stanculescu myth which claims that sagging skin around the breast is due sport, cosmetics or creams can not be more false. Also, women who think they are wrong bra causes breast sagging because, on the contrary, bra supports the anti-gravity. Often, especially after pregnancy or end augmentation surgery is recommended a correct and complete support.

Another myth says that sun exposure is beneficial to bust, but breasts can suffer sudden changes caused by excessive exposure to sunlight path. Nor those who prefer solarium are not out of danger, suffering from rapid aging skin.

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