What To Wear to the Gym

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Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or trying to enhance your performance, choosing the right attire can go a long way in the gym. These tips will help you pick the best workout clothes for you.

#1. Fitted Clothes

It can be tempting to wear baggy clothes to the gym, but they can actually get in your way. You don’t want to spend your whole workout pulling your pants up, worrying about your clothes restricting your movement or tucking your shirt in so it doesn’t ride up while you do burpees. Fitted workout clothes stay in place and move with you, not against you. Leggings, mens leggings and fitted tops are all great choices or for exercise attire.

#2. Socks

Everyone has had those days where you wear a pair of low cut socks and they slide down all day, causing your shoes to rub blisters on your skin. The only thing more annoying than that, is that happening while you’re trying to exercise. Nothing kills a workout quite like having to stop every few minutes to pull your socks up. Choosing the right socks is a matter of style and preference, but make sure they keep your shoes from rubbing.

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#3. Support

Everyone has body parts that need a little extra support during intense workouts. For women, wearing sports bras while exercising can have several benefits. They can help prevent back and breast pain and prevent chaffing. Additionally, many men like to wear compression shorts or mens leggings for added support during workouts.

#4. Breathable Fabrics

Wearing breathable fabrics is crucial for a good workout. When you exercise, your body produces sweat. As the sweat evaporates, it cools you down. If your clothing isn’t breathable, your sweat can’t properly evaporate, making it harder for your body to cool off. Trapping sweat against your body can also contribute to body odor and cause skin problems, such as heat rash. Swapping out synthetic fabrics for breathable or moisture-wicking materials allows the sweat to evaporate, keeping you cooler, reducing body odor and allowing the skin to breathe.

Selecting the right clothing for your workout can have more of an impact on your comfort and performance than you may think. Whether you need to prevent blisters on your feet, add support for high-impact workouts or find ways to cool off at the gym, investing in the right attire may be the solution that you need.

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