Blood pressure

Many people are not having knowledge about What is High Blood Pressure. And that lack of knowledge could potentially lead the life serious health complications, stroke, heart attack and even end of life. The term silent killer describes high blood pressure very easily. However, with a little knowledge you can take action to prevent this disease, or reduce, the damage high blood pressure can do.

Blood pressure

Readings of Blood Pressure & How To Prevent high Blood Pressure
Whenever your doctor checks your blood pressure there are two readings. They are basically shown as 120/80. The beginning number is your systolic pressure. When your heart is pounding, the force of your blood in your arteries is called your systolic pressure.

This pressure is temporary which exerted as the blood is pumped. The second number is your diastolic pressure. As your heart pounding in between beasts the force of blood in your arteries is more depressed. This is called your diastolic pressure.

Normal blood pressure is believed to be around 120/80 or lower. High blood pressure is believed close to 140/90 or higher, although physicians in different states have somewhat different perspectives on what constitutes low, normal and high blood pressure.

If you experience high blood pressure then quite simply you are in greater danger of suffering a stroke, heart and kidney disease. It pays to reduce your blood pressure in that instance.

Its inclination of matters that can cause high blood pressure is truly long. It includes such matters as physical inactivity, tobacco smoking and alcohol use, excessive stress and an inadequate diet.

Ask your Doctor
Whenever you visit your doctor to have your blood pressure controlled, it just uses up a few minutes and it is an important component of mastering your health. It is likewise possible to evaluate your blood pressure at home these days with easy to use blood pressure monitors.

You may desire to ask your physician to instruct you how to monitor your high blood pressure at home, to make sure you receive a true reading. You may ask to take blood pressure medication from your doctor.

Consider maintaining a diary of your blood pressure readings. You will be able to find out when something has affected your blood pressure adversely. That means, you receive early warning so you can avoid long term harm.