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Weight Loss with Drinking Water: 5 Ways It Works!

Weight Loss with Drinking Water: 5 it works!

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What is the importance of water? Does water help you lose weight? The relationship between water and weight loss seems vague.

Even though you can easily find articles discussing the amazing health benefits of water, and Weight Loss with Drinking Water, the confusion starts the moment we try to understand does water help you lose weight.

We know that it hydrates the skin, relieves fatigue, and enhances work productivity, but what about drinking water helps weight loss?

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If drinking water is useful, how many ounces of water should you drink a day for weight loss?

5 Ways To Weight Loss with Drinking Water

5 Ways To Weight Loss with Drinking Water

Wait a minute. Won’t drinking more of water increase its retention? Isn’t that something undesirable? So does water help you lose weight or not?

If you are trying to lose weight, these questions must be on your mind and we will unravel them today.

Worsen Water Retention?

Now, it’s a myth than drinking water worsens retention. On the contrary, it actually eases the condition.

When we reduce water intake, our body reacts by retaining it. This is our prehistoric survival mechanism at work to prevent dehydration. Its aim is to keep us alive as drinkable water was scared thousands of years ago.

The bad news is that it makes you look bloated and swollen as the fluid stores at every imaginable part of you body – from feet, ankle, hands and even stomach making you flabby.

Drinking water helps your body instantly flush out what it was holding. Eventually, the flushing stops and life returns to normal so long as you drink daily and frequently, you are on the right path to losing weight.

Many people have lost inches around their stomach simply by drinking water. This is the first answer to the question: does water help you lose weight? Alright with this myth out of the way, let’s move on.

Lubricate Your Colon

If you’re suffering from constipation and have difficulty dropping pounds, chance is that you lack fluid.

To lose weight, you need water as lubricating agent to facilitate regular and smooth bowel movement.

When there is a lack of water, your body absorbs water from your colon leading to constipation.

Keep drinking to ensure a smooth flow. It is a good way to get toxins out of your body too.

Before you ask, does water help you lose weight, ask whether have you drink enough water instead.

Increase Metabolic Rate

The next thing to understand does water help you lose weight is to understand metabolism. According to research, just increasing water consumption by 50 ounces uses up 17,400 more calories.

This translates to 5 pounds of weight loss. But the more interesting thing was that about 40% of the calories were used to heat up the water.

For maximum effectiveness, simply drinking ice or cold water with an empty stomach as it uses up more calories and burn fat.

Metabolizing Fat is a Key

Strictly speaking, we want fat loss. And metabolizing fat is one of the primary functions of your liver.

Whenever your body lacks water, the liver has to take on addition tasks from the kidney as the 2 organs are connected.

It turns out that the overworked liver cannot efficiently metabolize fat leading to more fat storage than fat loss.

Thirst or Hunger?

Alright, to understand does water help you lose weight, we need to look at 2 physiological urge thirst and hunger.

More often than not, we mistook thirst for hunger. This is one of the reasons why we overeat, and that also explains why experts recommend drinking two glasses of water 10 minutes before meals.

That way it’s easier to determine you are really hungry or just thirsty.

Does water help you lose weight?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it does. And you would have known also how water helps you lose weight.

Yet by itself you can’t expect to get a lean body or sexy and tight stomach. Just like no weight loss system will focus only on drinking water to lose weight.

To get the body you want, you need to abstain from junk food, sugary drinks, and start eating healthy diet and do the right exercises such as strength training, and we want to show you some great weight loss tips.

For More Weight Loss Tips and Information about Weight Loss with Drinking Water, Visit Ehealth Spider.

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