6 Easy Ways To Burn Belly Fat at Home

Big Apple is nickname for New York, however it can termed for entire US, as research suggest that Americans are getting apple-shaped per minute. 54% of American adults have central obesity, with 35 and 40 inches waistline in women and men respectively.

It is something more than fashion crisis. Belly Fat is most dangerous type that wraps fat around organs in deep abdomen, rising risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and metabolic syndrome.

Here are 6 healthy habits that can help you start blasting such fat.

A research in Journal Diabetes Pro suggest 1 or 2 diet sodas a day increases waist sizes 6 times greater as compared to non-drinkers. Artificial sweeteners, trick your metabolism into signaling sugar is on the way, increase insulin levels, and tend body from fat-burning into fat storing machine.

Go Nuts! Especially when it is Walnuts
A study appeared in Journal Diabetes suggest, while unsaturated fats, help reduce abdominal fat, saturated ones found in red meat and baked product increases waist line. In contrast polyunsaturated fats, activates genes that improve insulin metabolism and reduce fat storage. Around 13 g/one ounce serving, walnuts serves as best belly busting source.

HIIT or high intensity interval training is popular, however it doesn’t help to shrink belly fat. A study in Journal of Obesity suggest that 24 hour interval training on exercise bike 3 times a day, can lead to 3% gain in abdominal fat in 3 months. In contrast traditional aerobic exercise, 45 minutes of moderate cycling thrice a week help in losing 3% of belly fat over 3 month period.

Create Space for Beans
Beans are rich in soluble fiber that helps in reducing accumulation of abdominal fat store. A research at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center suggest every 10 g increase in soluble fiber per day, reduces abdominal fat by 3.7 % in 5 years. Just half cup of beans is enough. If it creates bloating, go for canned variety which have soaked enough to cut down gas causing oligosaccharides.

Get Unrefined
Whole grains are the best dietary staple for those with littlest middles. Study at Tufts University found that people who took 3 or more whole grains (quinoa, oats, wheat, brown rice) servings per day, had 10% less abdominal fat than those who took refined carbs like (white, bread, pasta, rice).

Use Pepper
Piperine in black pepper help treat various health conditions like inflammation and tummy problems. Recent study suggest that a chemical reaction called adipogenesis that occur in presence of piperine interfere with formation of fat cells as well as cholesterol levels.

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