Wanting to keep those bingo wings at bay on your big day? Here’s A 9 Minute Superset

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So, the countdown has finally begun for your big day! In all honesty, amid all the flower ordering, table décor planning, champagne selecting and cake tasting, you’re finding it really difficult to keep up with your strength training sessions and those god-awful morning sprints.

Perhaps you think you’ll scroll down a few pages on Google to find the best diet for fat loss (bear in mind, you’re the best version of yourself and every body type is beautiful) – but it’s normal for brides to want to look their absolute best on their wedding day, so shaping up is fine if it’ll make you happier on the big day.

To lessen that stress and make sure you’re at your absolute best, look out for short workout regimes which you can do within the comfort of your home in-between planning your wedding. Now, if you ask us why that is so, then know that by increasing your heart rate, you’re actually releasing those ‘feel-good’ endorphins, crucial for keeping stress at bay. More to the point, you get to reap the physical advantages of working out, such as improving your strength as well as toning your muscles.

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All of this sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, keep reading on to find out some incredible arm exercises for the bride-to-be. It’s only 5 moves that will make all the difference and won’t take much of your time. These moves are ideal for adding a little fitness before and after your workday.

Reverse fly

This is one such exercise which doesn’t involve any of those huge equipment lists – instead it’s just a pair of dumbbells will do the trick. What’s more, it is pretty straightforward to understand so you can get started straight away. For you to do the exercise, begin with grabbing a pair of dumbbells and then stand with your feet apart at hip width and knees slightly bent.

Once you get to that position, slowly bend forward at your hips and let those arms hang down straight. Now, raise both of them out on either side whilst squeezing your shoulder blades together. You’ve completed one set; go back to the actual position. It is recommended that you divide the exercise into 3 sets and repeat it for 12 times.

Bicep curl

This is an exercise for the guns and for doing it you can either sit or stand, whatever is more convenient for you. Again start with keeping your feet apart at hip width and your elbows tucked in. Now, curl those weights around 80% on each side to your shoulders. Then curl back down and pulse those weights halfway up in order to finish the set. Even this exercise must be divided into 3 sets and repeated for 12 times, for you to see real-time results as promptly as possible.

Overhead press

By the name of it, you might feel this exercise to be a bit difficult as compared to others; but believe us, it isn’t! All that you’ve got to do is, stand straight with your feet slightly apart and hold those dumbbells at shoulder length with elbows bent. Now, slowly extend the arms on top of your head whilst ensuring that you’re moving in a controlled motion. Once you’re back to the original position, repeat the same with both your arms. Yet again, repeat the exercise 12 times by dividing it into 3 sets.

Side Plank

Initially, it might be slightly difficult to do side planks as it requires a lot of strength, but once you perfect it, it’ll be an easy feat. To do this exercise, you need to first get into the straight-arm side plank position, making your body to form a straight line from head to toe. Now, hold a weight in the other hand that’s free and slowly lift that arm towards the ceiling and then return to the original position. Switch your side and repeat the same. During the early stages, you can begin with just 5 to 10 reps, gradually increasing the count until you’ve absolutely nailed the position.

Front and lateral raise

When doing the front raise, begin with standing straight and weights in both hands, your palms facing upward. Now, lift your arms right in front of you and make sure they’re in line with the floor, then slowly go back to the actual position. Similarly, for lateral raise, stand straight with weights in each hand; but here, your palms must be facing the floor. Bring your arms out on either side and then come back to the original position. Now that all you brides-to-be out there know the exercises you need to do in order to get those arms toned, go get a personal trainer in broadgate on board if you want to tone other areas too.

But hey, since these are quite easy-to-do, you can simply grab those dumbbells and get reverse flying all on your own!

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