Best Treatments For Curing Orthopedic Conditions

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Several diseases are considered to be related to orthopaedic conditions. This may range from serious illnesses to stress.

Almost every person is said to experience some orthopaedic condition at some point of time in their life.

The orthopaedic disorder may include joints, connective tissue, muscles, bones, cartilage and ligaments.

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Such conditions are the areas that are treated popularly using casts, braces, therapy, medications, surgery and injections.

Treatments For Curing Orthopedic Conditions

The top 10 orthopaedic hospitals in India suggest that braces compensate the injured joints for supporting the weaker muscles.

Who can use elbow clasp, knee braces, heat and ice wraps, and walking aids for this purpose? Usually, casts are used for post-surgical immobilization.

As a primary orthopaedic treatment, rehabilitation is combined with other treatments to provide effective and quick results.

Stretching techniques, physical therapy, exercises are stated to be a few rehabilitation methods used.

A common medication used to offer respite to such conditions include anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal medications.

Cortisone is considered to be the ordinarily used injection to provide orthopaedic treatment.

The injectable cortisone is said to be synthetically produced, to be injected within the inflammation region. But cortisone is not any medication to be used for relieving pain.

However, it does treat only inflammation. Stem Cell therapy and PRP therapy is stated to be better and effective injective therapy technique.

It has helped heal several orthopaedic conditions, not requiring to use of surgical methods.

#1. About PRP therapy

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Injection is a less expensive and less aggressive technique when compared to surgery.

This is because it helps to heal tissues with no or minimal occurrence of scarring. This therapy is also said to assist regenerate ligaments and tendons.

However, one should not expect quick-fix solutions. In this form of therapy, higher platelet concentrations get introduced to the injured region.

When performing this therapy, the patient’s blood sample is taken out from the arm. Then it is placed within the centrifuge.

The purpose here is to dive the platelets from the remaining blood components. The concentrated platelet-rich plasma then is injected into the region suffering from specific conditions.

This medication is used to jump-start as well as significantly strengthen the natural healing process of the body.

#2. Stem cell treatment

This treatment procedure is performed using the bone marrow. It is collected from the back of the pelvis region of the patient using a syringe attached to the small needle.

The patient is given local anaesthesia. The bone marrow then is placed on the centrifuge, which spins at high speed, thus separating the platelets and stem cells.

The bone marrow concentrate aspiration is introduced to the injured region for faster recovery.

Patients with a ligament injury or tendon treated with conventional medication and not finding relief can try this recovery method.

One can also contact the best shoulder specialist in India to get complete relief from the issue they suffered and enjoy better movement.

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