How To Treat Vertigo Naturally At Home

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Vertigo is defined as a sensation of spinning where a person feels unsteady or off-balance. A person suffering from vertigo may experience as the room is spinning around or you feel you are yourself spinning, which in reality does not have any motion. Vertigo symptoms occur from time to time and settle down on its own. It may vary from person to person whether it gets settled with minutes hours or days. If a person faces repeated episodes of vertigo dizziness, treating the same is recommended to improve the health condition.

Ear infection, head injury, vestibular neuritis, etc. are some of the causes of vertigo. Mild vertigo does not need medications to improve the condition. It can be treated well with some vertigo home remedies. The intensity, frequency & repeated episodes of vertigo, can be decreased with right vertigo treatment at home. If the severity of vertigo episodes does not decrease after following certain home remedies for vertigo, consulting an expert neurologist is recommended to treat vertigo with certain medications and therapies.

 The most common type of vertigo found in people is BPPV vertigo. It is referred to as benign positional paroxysmal vertigo, which is caused by the deposition of calcium crystals in the inner ear that block the vestibular nerve that sends signals to the brain. Certain natural treatments for dizziness and vertigo exercises will help in mitigating the symptoms of vertigo. If the conditions seem to go out of hand immediately seek medical help and undergo various tests and therapies to treat the same. If you want to treat vertigo at home, there are several ways to treat the same, go on have a look.

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Let’s have a look on some home remedies for vertigo

Treat Vertigo At Home

Be hydrated

The first and foremost step to prevent the body from various ailments. Keep your body hydrated by drinking a minimum of 8 to 12 cups of water daily. Vertigo can even be a result of simple dehydration. Reduce the carbonated drink and increase the intake of healthy fluids and drink plenty of water to reduce vertigo episodes. After heavy exercise or physical activity, make it a point to drink extra water to prevent your body from dehydration. As the loss of water content In the form of sweat should be balanced in the body.

Almonds have several benefits

Almonds are well known for their benefits and should be included in daily diet. It can be mixed with milk or can be eaten separately. Almonds are the rich source of vitamin A, B & E that helps in curing vertigo. It is one of the most famous vertigo treatments at home that prevents the symptoms of vertigo.

Yoga and meditation

The benefits of yoga are well known around the world. It is practiced for treating various ailments and to bring balance in the body while reducing stress. A healthy body, mind & soul make one healthy. Try simple yoga poses or meditate when you are feeling strokes of dizziness. Don’t practice any moves that involve sudden bending as it may make the symptoms of vertigo worse.

Drink ginger tea daily

Ginger is an ingredient that is easily found in every household. It is well known for its curative properties and is used in treating various conditions. The roots of ginger can help in treating vertigo symptoms. Boil its roots in hot water and drink 2 cups of ginger tea daily. It is counted as an effective home remedy for vertigo that eases out the symptoms of vertigo.

Add vitamin D in the diet

A person suffering from BPPV vertigo should not lack vitamin D. Lack of vitamin D in the body makes the condition worse and symptoms of vertigo become stronger. Egg yolk, orange juice, milk, etc. are rich sources of vitamin D. Add all or either of the one in your daily diet to relieve vertigo symptoms naturally.

Take sufficient amount of sleep

If one is deprived of sleep the symptoms of vertigo may occur. If you are experiencing vertigo for the first time, it may be due to less amount of sleep. Take sufficient amount of rest and take short naps, you will experience dizziness has resolved itself.

Essential oils

Essential oils are an effective treatment for treating vertigo symptoms. They are natural, affordable and are very effective in treating headaches and dizziness. There are various options available in the market. A person has to experiment with a variety of oils to find out which one suits them the most.

Epley maneuver

Epley maneuver is the most common vertigo exercise that is prescribed by doctors to treat BPPV vertigo. It can be practiced regularly at home until the symptoms of vertigo start diminishing. It should be practiced in the presence of another member as you may feel slightly dizzy just after the completion of the exercise. It is advised to consult a doctor before practicing Epley maneuver for proper instructions and guidance, as it involves the movement of the head and body. Practicing the Epley maneuver regularly is one of the best vertigo treatments at home. Brandt-Daroff exercise, Semont maneuver, etc. are some other exercises for treating vertigo at home. 

Ginkgo Biloba can treat vertigo naturally

A Chinese herb known as Ginkgo Biloba helps in decreasing the symptoms of vertigo to a greater extent. It can be easily found in the market in liquid and capsule form. A study reports that it is found to be as effective as certain vertigo medicines. Taking Ginkgo Biloba regularly makes you regain your balance by managing the blood flow to the brain. It is a natural treatment for dizziness and vertigo that eases the issue.

Give up on alcohol

Alcohol makes your body dehydrated and makes you feel dizzy all of a sudden. According to the vestibular disorder association, it can even change the fluid composition in the inner ear that makes the situation worse. Altering lifestyle habits or by cutting off alcohol completely helps in eliminating vertigo symptoms rapidly.

Home remedies for vertigo are an effective treatment for mild vertigo. But, if the episodes of vertigo keep on occurring at regular intervals, seeking medical advice is recommended. Consult an expert neurologist and get yourself diagnosed to get the right treatment.

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