Understand The Difference: Traditional Liposuction vs Vaser Liposuction

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In the United States, 246374 liposuction procedures were completed successfully in 2017.

The number includes both the types of liposuction the people have undergone- traditional as well as VASER.

Read this article to learn more about the difference between the two.

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What is Traditional liposuction?

The traditional liposuction was made available to the common people in 1982 by Yves-Gerard Illouz, a French surgeon. At present, there are various types of liposuction.

The overall procedure is considerably far more aggressive than the latest technique. For traditional liposuction, the doctors rely primarily on sharper and harsher instruments.

In this type of liposuction, doctors use a to and from ovement of the cannula to break down the fat cells. This technique can remove fat cells from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, breasts, chin, and arms.

What is VASER liposuction?

Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance or VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive form of body enhancing procedure.

As the name suggests, this liposuction relies on ultrasound technology. There are a couple of brands available in the Indian market that offer ultrasonic liposuction.

The type of liposuction also helps to target specific parts of the body more precisely. According to experts from clinics in Delhi similar to Pristyn Care, this VASER liposuction helps to sculpt out fat pockets from specific parts of the body without causing damage to other tissues.

How is VASER liposuction performed?

The VASER liposuction is a quick procedure that is completed on the same day itself. The first and foremost point of liposuction is that the administration of local anesthesia.

The doctor injects the patient with local anesthesia as well as a saline solution that primarily reduces the chances of bleeding as well as bruising. The saline solution also makes the specific areas of the treatment wet so that the fat cells can be extracted easily.

Unlike the traditional method, the doctor utilizes ultrasound probes in this type of liposuction to break down the fatty cells. To explain more about the procedure, the ultrasound waves from these probes break the stubborn fat cells in these areas.

There is no to-and-fro movement involved during the entire procedure hence, the risk of damage to any other organs is also minimum.

After this, the probes are removed and the liquified fat cells and the anesthesia are removed with the help of a tube. The incisions are then closed with dissolvable glue and sutures. With time, the suture and dissolve dry on their own.

Difference between Traditional and VASER liposuction

The following is a table of differences that are quite evident between the traditional and VASER liposuction.

Traditional Liposuction VASER Liposuction
In this procedure, the surgeon has to first make incisions of 5-7 cm before the surgery. The incisions are smaller in the size compared to traditional liposuction. The incision size is not more than 2 cm.
After the procedure, there are higher chances of visible scarring developing. As VASER liposuction is performed only by specialized surgeons and the incision sizes are small, there is almost no visible scarring.
Often people have reported instances of excessive blood loss post-surgery. The main reasons for the same are larger incisions and infecting wounds. The possibility of excessive bleeding or infection occurring is considerably low due to smaller incisions.
The wounds take almost one month to heal. It takes only a week for the wounds to completely heal. However, it is pivotal that the patient follows the post-operative instructions.
The success rate is much lower due to the increased risk of side effects. This type of liposuction guarantees permanent and desired results due to higher accuracy and precision.
General anesthesia is administered which can cause severe complications in some people. The person is sedated with local anesthesia which ensures that he or she doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort.
One of the common side effects that people develop after traditional liposuction is waviness or bumpiness of the skin. As it is minimally-invasive, the smoothness and uniformity of the procedure is retained even after the recovery period is over.
It is very unlikely for patients to experience any results within 3 months. If proper post-operative instructions are followed, patients can expect to notice results within 3 months.
The pain and discomfort are common when a patient undergoes traditional liposuction even during the recovery period. Due to the usage of ultrasound probes, there are almost no chances of excessive pain.

Advantages of VASER liposuction

Now that you are aware of the major points of differences between the two types of liposuction- traditional and VASER- you will be able to make a better choice for yourself.

More and more people in Delhi are choosing the VASER liposuction in Delhi over the conventional method for the below-mentioned advantages-

  • The patient doesn’t have to stay overnight at the hospital as the procedure is completed within a couple of hours.
  • Although not in all cases, this is a single procedure that reduces the need of undergoing any other additional procedure for removing fat.
  • The results are instantaneous as soon as the procedure is completed. However, this is visible only when the patient is not wearing the compression garment.
  • Patients can resume activities on the second day of the recovery period itself.
  • The risk of bleeding, pain, and bruising reduces considerably.


Before the surgery, consult with the doctors who can guide you in making the right decision for the type of liposuction you should undergo.

The doctors can help you in determining the appropriate option for you after diagnosing your health and extent of liposuction required.

Consult with the nearest doctor to discuss the benefits, risks and other related queries for both the liposuction.

For More Health Treatment, and Information about Traditional Liposuction vs Vaser Liposuction, Visit Ehealth Spider.

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