To Eat Well And To Play: How To Make The Child Want?

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From birth, the adoption of healthy lifestyle influences the healthy development and health of the child . The more these habits are acquired young, the more their effects are beneficial in the long run. The role of the adult is essential in this development and it can promote healthy lifestyle in a fairly simple way. Having a balanced diet and doing a sport or just playing actively are part of these habits of life to be transmitted from an early age.

Teach the child to eat healthily

The pleasure of eating contributes fully to a healthy diet . We would like our children to realize that eating well is essential. For this, the adult has a key role. The child learns the habits of his parents or the people who welcome him. It is therefore essential to serve healthy and balanced foods.

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By offering nutritious foods with varied tastes , textures and colors, children’s curiosity is developed while meeting their high energy needs . The child will enjoy continuing to eat healthy and have a healthy relationship with food. And this relationship will be beneficial in the long run for his health.

To encourage him to eat healthy fruits and vegetables, you can suggest him to choose these ingredients himself, to come with you to pick them and even to participate in the development of the dish by asking him to perform simple tasks and without danger. This participation will give him an interest in what he eats and will also develop his curiosity! You can use original techniques or simple techniques! For example by asking him to differentiate between two vegetables (zucchini and cucumber) and asking him to choose the one he wants to eat. The child must have the choice, but it is you who make the decision regarding diet.

In addition, by creating a relaxing atmosphere at the table with the little ones during the snack or during the meal, we associate the food with a pleasant and positive moment. So be careful not to put them in an uncomfortable situation when eating, or to confuse eating time with playing time.

Teach the child to actively play

Playing actively at a young age promotes the development of the child and encourages him to remain active as an adult, and to practice sports activities.

By offering a variety of materials and adapting the space to allow children to move freely, they are encouraged to be active both at home and in the reception area. Playing outside is a key factor as children move more outdoors than indoors visit here.

You can provide the child with toys they like, games with defined rules and spaces for running and active games. The more the child is in a play and movement-friendly environment, the more he or she will be able to explore their physical abilities. Also be sure to provide the necessary care so that it is the desire and energy to play (fresh water available for example) or care if the child falls.

When the child is playing, it is important to leave him free of his movements while ensuring his safety.

Through their attitudes, their words and their actions, adults influence the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits. Having fun eating healthy and playing actively makes you want to relive the experience. Encouraged and supported by the adults around them, children develop good lifestyle habits.

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