Tips to Help Recovery From Surgery

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Recovering from a surgical procedure can be a long, drawn-out process. You not only have to deal with the pain of incisions but also with the trauma that your muscles and skeletal structure endure after the operation. Here are a few tips to utilize for a faster recovery.


As much as you probably will not want to move or exert any energy, you must force yourself to engage in daily movement. Flexibility is lost if you remain in a static position for the majority of the day. Walking is an excellent, low-impact activity that will get your blood flowing and your system back on track. You can snack on protein fx bars in between sessions to promote muscle growth and stability. If the use of your legs is significantly hindered, find some hand-held weights and use them at your own pace to build or maintain upper body strength.

Smart Eating

Your appetite may be adversely affected immediately after having work done. Stay away from junk food, and go with fruits and vegetables instead. Focus on vitamins C and D, calcium and protein to help shorten rehab time.  It is also essential to keep your body hydrated so it has the tools it needs for recuperation. The effects of anesthesia and dry hospital conditions dry our bodies out, so provide your organs with the basic fuel it needs to function.

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Maintenance of Incisions

Taking care of your wound is critical. It doesn’t take much for infection to set in, so be mindful about washing your hands and staying clean. Before any bandages are changed, it may be a good idea to give your hands a spray of rubbing alcohol. This will reduce the chance of germs transferring to the cut. If swelling or pain arise, consult with your physician about how to proceed. If you are starting to gain mobility, keep in mind not to place stress on stitching.

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