Easy Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy In 2018

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The new year is finally here and with it our new year goals and resolutions. Out of all the resolutions that you make, one that never to ceases to change is our resolution to stay fit and healthy in the new year. While making this promise to yourself is easy but keeping it is a completely different argument. Many of you take efforts and even make the first leap at getting ourselves fit but this hardly follows into a full-fledged plan and we end up chucking the entire thing midway.

The problem with formulating health and workout plans is that there is no direction to these said plans. Just saying that you will get fit or simply joining the gym isn’t going to help your case. How about this time around, you follow some easy tips to becoming fit and healthy this year? No pressure or no chasing of any kind of goals, just simple and effective tips. So here goes:

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The 18-minute daily workout:
You might ask, why 18-minute and not 20 or 15? We will get to that. How to start getting fit is something that everyone wonders about. So this time around, indulge yourself in this 18-minute daily workout created by Annabel Breakenridge from Fit as Fugly.

This is a full body workout session that takes only 18 minutes to complete when done three times so anybody can for it and get it done. You will start seeing a change in your body within a span of a week. The workout includes three 40-seconds reps of the following exercises that can be done with a 20-second break in between. The exercises here include:

  • Skipping or Jumping Jacks
  • Squat Jumps
  • Press-ups
  • Burpees
  • Tricep Dips
  • Jumping Lunges

Start a mindfulness practice:
While you have already started your goals to get fit and healthy with the 18-minute daily workout, it is also time to take care of your mental wellness. How to get fit should not be your question but how to follow through being fit and healthy needs to be your question. Meditation is a powerful tool that has been practiced since ages and why should you not give it a shot? While no one is asking you to get into it and start meditating immediately but you can always try a little mindfulness activity. How to get fit at home is a question raised by every other person trying to get fit and healthy. You can do this from your home or the desk of your office if needs be. Cease whatever you are doing at the current moment and focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Calm and relax your body and let no worries sink in. Practice this for 5 minutes daily.

Try new skills:
Learning new skills is a great way to keep fit and healthy. You can try a wide number of things like learning a guitar, learning to box or even cycling to get fit. If you are thinking about cycling then get a bicycle for yourself and maybe a partner that can indulge with you in your new endeavor. They can also help you push and understand your limits. Even if you don’t find yourself a partner, you can always get a Fitbit or a smartwatch for yourself to track your movements and can share your daily progress with the world on social media platforms. If you are looking to try out cycling then there you definitely should try the new gtech promotions 2018. The site is now offering various discounts on bikes.

Eat right:
How to get fit fast is the question that is always in our minds. Did you know that a research found that approximately 80% of any fitness goals lie is hugely dependent on your diet? What you eat is what you become. Make it a point to have a balanced diet this year onwards. Set a goal for yourself. What is your fitness goals this time around? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscles? Or do you want to indulge in a new hobby like long distance runs or cycling? Make a diet that includes clean carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Chalking out a diet plan should look like this:

  • 45% carbohydrates which does not include foods that have been genetically altered. The example of this includes white bread and white rice.
  • 30% lean and fresh protein.
  • 25% healthy fats which include foods like nuts, seeds etc.

Stay hydrated:
Your goal to fitness isn’t a one-day journey. You may think of how to start getting fit within a short span of time but that doesn’t happen. Your fitness endeavor will take time. Our body is mainly constituted of water and staying hydrated is the key to getting healthy. The best way to know how much water your body needs is determined by your weight and your activity levels. A simple formula to calculate this is to multiply your body weight (in Kg) to 0.3. This will give you the minimum water that your body needs on a daily basis.

So there we have some easy tips on staying fit and healthy this new years. Make sure you are on track with your fitness plans this time around.

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