Things to Do if You’re Feeling Sad

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Everybody feels sad now and then. Sometimes this is because of an event that has happened in your life, or you may find that you’re feeling down for no reason. Either way, there are things you can do to help yourself feel better. Here are a few things to try.


Sometimes you just need to get moving. Exercise can be a great way to distract yourself. It may be the last thing you want to do, but once you’re doing it, you may find that the feeling of sadness has gone away.

Working out helps release endorphins, which make you feel better. You also have to focus on what you’re doing, so your mind won’t be able to think about whatever is bothering you at the time.

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Talk to Someone

One of the best ways to feel better when you’re down is to reach out to someone. This could just be a friend or family member, or if things are more serious, you may want to see a psychologist Kent County RI.

Seeing a therapist is never a bad idea as it can help you work through any issues you may have. You may also just be feeling lonely, so try going out with friends and see if that helps.

Get Busy

Keeping your mind occupied is extremely helpful when you’re feeling sad. Even something as mundane as cleaning your house can help. You can also start a project like organizing your closet or making a new photo album.

Working a puzzle or learning how to knit are other good ways to help keep you busy.

Feeling down sometimes is completely normal, but if you find yourself feeling this way more often than not, seek professional help. Remember that you are not alone in this, so reach out to friends and family, and take care of yourself.

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