The Ultimate HIIT Workout For Beginners

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HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts are becoming more popular as they offer a variety of benefits. These short bursts of high-intensity exercise can elevate your heart rate, improve your endurance, and boost your metabolism.

However, beginners may find HIIT challenging because they need to get used to working out at such a fast pace. Luckily, a variety of HIIT workouts are designed for beginners.

Plank Push-Ups

If you’re looking for a full-body upper-body strength builder, plank push-ups are the way to go. These exercises work the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core.

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The best part is that they are accessible to beginners and can be modified to fit your fitness level. You can perform them from the ground or knees or do them in timed intervals to add intensity.

Performing them correctly can be difficult, but perfecting your form with practice and consistency is possible.

Start in a high push-up position, with your hands on the floor and your feet back behind you. Lower one hand to the floor, then the other. Maintain a straight line throughout the movement, and make sure your spine remains neutral. Squeeze your abs and glutes to keep your hips from moving during the exercise for stability.

HIIT Workout For Beginners


Burpees are an intense bodyweight exercise that requires excellent cardiovascular fitness to complete. They’re also a challenging workout for those who are new to exercising.

They can be frustrating, but it’s important to remember that the challenge of performing a burpee will improve your overall strength, endurance and cardiovascular health.

If you can’t do a full burpee as prescribed, try modifying the exercise to make it more comfortable. This can include not doing the jump at the end of a push-up modification when you’re in a plank position.

It’s best to consult with a trainer to ensure you’re ready for burpees and get the proper guidance and instruction. However, if you have the appropriate fitness level, you can do this HIIT workout and burn many calories. Check to discover the benefits of HIIT to your body.

Push-Ups with Knees Forward

Adding knee push-ups to your workout routine is the perfect way to get a great chest and triceps workout without worrying about putting weight on your arms. And since they involve less load than traditional push-ups, they’re also an excellent option for beginners trying to get started with weight training.

While performing push-ups on your knees, keep a tight core and avoid flaring out your elbows, which can harm you. This is especially important because the pectoralis major, fronts of your shoulders (anterior deltoids) and triceps are the primary muscles that work during this movement.

Once you’ve mastered the standard push-up position, try some advanced variations that target different angles of your chest. If you’re not strong enough for them, start with the lowering phase of push-ups to build strength for the concentric phase, when muscle fibers shorten under load.

Push-Ups with Knees Back

A classic upper-body exercise, push-ups can work many muscles at once. They also help build muscular endurance and create lean muscle mass, which improves your overall fitness and health.

But they can be challenging for beginners to master. That’s why it’s essential to start with a modified version offered by fitness classes like the Fitness Evolution that lets you build up strength safely.

For example, you can do a kneeling push-up on a mat to minimize stress on your knees and wrists. Or you can do an incline knee push-up, which simultaneously works your arms, chest and shoulders.

It’s also important to focus on form instead of speed when doing a knee push-up to avoid injury. You want to maintain a straight back and not round your hips. Keep your abs tight and tense throughout the movement to strengthen your core, which will also prevent injury.

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