The Complete Guide to Enduro MTB Training Program

Getting the most out of your enduro MTB training program means learning to ride safely and building up the intensity as you train.

Depending on your goals, you should get in-person coaching to understand your progress fully. You also need to be physically fit and take regular ride sessions.

VO2 Max intervals

Enduro MTB Training ProgramAnaerobic power is an essential component of an enduro MTB training program. It refers to the maximum rate at which you can generate energy anaerobically. You can significantly increase your anaerobic power with the right approach and a focused workout. VO2 Max intervals can be improved. The training intervals should mimic the short bursts of speed needed to reach your VO2max. This technique is beneficial for improving cardiovascular fitness and improving endurance.

Your age and genetics heavily influence your VO2 max, therefore, exercising at your VO2 max is a beautiful method to take advantage of your genetic potential while enhancing your strength and endurance.

Base phase

The base phase of a program like those from Train to Ride focuses on developing and maintaining endurance and speed and restoring the body’s foundation. This phase also involves working on core MTB riding skills.

By creating core endurance and speed, enduro riders will be better prepared to face the challenges that await them on the race course.

The base phase of an enduro MTB training program consists of an 18-week training phase that incorporates strength and endurance training.

It is the most crucial phase of an enduro MTB training plan, as it will determine the rider’s speed, strength, and endurance.

Peak phase

During the Peak phase of an Enduro MTB training program, you should focus on developing your endurance and speed. A well-designed Enduro training program incorporates scientific principles to help riders build their endurance and speed.

Enduro races typically last a single or two days and feature several timed downhill stages. The cumulative times for all the steps are added together and determine the finisher’s overall time.

You can focus on building your endurance through interval training for two to three minutes with 80% of your maximum effort. The key to success with interval training is to avoid allowing yourself to reach saturation during the training.

You must also avoid overloading yourself with intense Enduro skills and instead focus on perfecting your core MTB riding skills.

Race phase

Training for an enduro race requires different techniques than training for other mountain biking events. Enduro races usually take place over one or two days and involve uphill and downhill stages.

Depending on the event, the riders can complete up to six timed stages daily. The cumulative time of all the stage results is tallied and determines the winner.

The Race phase of an enduro MTB training program focuses on building endurance and skill. The aim is to build up the ability to pedal continuously for over two hours.

While volume is essential, riders need to build up their endurance, as the races usually consist of six stages ridden at max throttle.

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