What Are the Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth?

Bright smile is one of the greatest features you can find in people. Dental hygiene (or the lack of it) reflects on your teeth. This is what ancient civilizations realized back in Egypt and Babylonia, where the first predecessor of toothbrushes – the chew stick – appeared 3000 BC. The first bristle toothbrush, however, appeared 1600 BC in China, and it got to Europe for the first time, via merchants and travelers from East Asia, by the 17th century.

However, a good toothbrush and toothpaste are not the only thing that your teeth need for maintaining dental hygiene. The saying that the best cure is prevention is the truest when it comes to one’s mouth and teeth. Things that come into contact with our teeth during the day, such as food and drinks, can leave both positive and negative effects on their health and pigmentation (and deeper layers as well). If you are not sure what food causes what effects, keep reading to find out?

Worst Foods for Your Teeth

These are some of the foods that can damage your teeth severely, which you should, naturally, avoid:

Sugar is the main cause of cavities in teeth. All kinds of chewy candies, cakes, cookies and pies, not to mention chocolate and sodas, can stay practically glued to your teeth for hours if not removed on time. Sugar can enable the progression of tooth decay, so it would be better to avoid it (or wash your teeth after you have eaten it in any form).

Snacks – Another enemy of tooth enamel are snacks. Even though crisps and other snacks promote the production of saliva which washes the food away, the problem arises when food particles remain stuck between or on top of teeth, thus enabling bacteria growth unless brushed. Instead of unhealthy snacks, it would be better to chew on crunchy food, such as apples, carrots and cucumbers, which can serve as a cleansing mechanism.

Pickles are bad for your teeth because they are sour and acidy, which is hazardous for tooth enamel. According to Health, eating pickles more than once a day will increase tooth decay by 85%.

Best foods for Your Teeth

The following are some of the foods that can help your teeth become stronger and look better:

Milk and dairy products – since they contain calcium, which protects your teeth from gum disease and keeps the jaw bone strong, dairy products should be on your menu every day. Kids and women especially should drink more milk, in order to develop strong bones and prevent, for example, osteoporosis.

Salmon and Atlantic mackerel contain vitamin D, which helps in calcium absorption, thus enabling the teeth to get the most out of this nutrient.

Oranges, believe it or not, keep your gums healthy. Vitamin C, their main ingredient, strengthens blood vessels and connective tissue in your jaw, reduces inflammation and slows down the progression of gingivitis.

Water is the best drink you can offer your teeth. It helps wash away food leftovers between your teeth, and flushes them down the throat together with saliva. Since it contains proteins and minerals which protect he enamel, it is always better to grab a glass of water than a cup of coffee or some other, sugary drink.

Your teeth will be your fellow-passenger until your old age. Unless you want to lose them prematurely, it would be best to avoid sugary food, sodas and snacks, and instead follow the advice of the best orthodontist in Sydney who recommends drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day to help prevent tooth decay and other oral diseases.

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