The Basics of THC Concentrates Extraction and Why They Are Popular

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THC concentrates California-made contains the purest components of the Cannabis plant. Manufacturers use various distillation techniques to flash out the undesirable parts of the plant to ensure you enjoy the healing power of a cannabis product rich in all cannabinoids.

But why are THC Concentrates popular, and what’s the best extraction process? Here are the basics you should know about THC concentrates. Let’s delve in.

The Process of Making THC Concentrates

One of the questions you probably ask before consuming any THC product is: how did the manufacturer prepare the concentrate? Below are two major processes THC concentrates California manufacturers use to make the extracts.

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Solvent-based Processes

Solvent-based processes use hydrocarbons, ethanol, and CO2 to distill trichomes from the cannabis plant. Butane and alcohol remove cannabinoids and terpenes from dissolved plants. This process is dangerous, hence used commercially.

The CO2 oil extraction method is safer and praised for retaining the terpenes. Did you know terpenes give the concentrates a long-lasting flavor and aroma? Now you do.

Non-solvent Based Processes

The non-solvent-based process combines Dry Processing and water-based methods to extract THC concentrates. It uses minimal or zero chemicals to ensure that THC concentrates are safe and medically fit for your cannabinoid needs. This method is mainly used for home production.

 Types of THC Concentrates in the Market

Solvent-based THC products:

  • Rosin,
  • Budder
  • Hush

Non-Solvent based concentrates:

  • Shatter
  • Distillate Oil
  • Crumble
  • Live Resin

THC concentrates are popular because they offer the following benefits:

  • They offer longer-lasting pain relief.
  • Help in the production of wax and Cannabis oils
  • THC concentrates are a key component of THC edibles
  • Offer a potent alternative medicine for depression and other mental health patients

You now understand how your favorite cannabis cookies are produced. Which THC concentrates will you vape?

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