Teeth Whitening Brighter Smile

Your White Teeth Can Make Your Smile Brighter. Here are Few Teeth Whitening Tips and Teeth Whitening Products For Daily Use.

Tooth whitening Method is a very popular method to whiten tooth for a bright and healthy smile. Nowadays, its growing in popularity as brightening the tooth is an extremely easy way that can either be done by just visiting a doctor to his clinic or can be done at home.

Teeth whitening method improves the teeth by removing any stain or discoloration. Although tooth whitening method is popular and easy, it is not a one-time or permanent method. It requires several sessions for a prolonged and effective result. As we know, the outermost layer of our tooth is the enamel that gets covered with a thin layer everyday due to our food habits and gets stained.

Teeth Staining Causes:

  • Usage of tobacco on a regular basis.
  • Consuming alcohol, dark colored drinks like coffee, tea etc.
  • Improper self-dental care.

Teeth whitening include two types of method, where one is visiting a doctor and having a Vital Whitening done, and the other one is using market products to have a self-whitening done at home. Today, in the market itself there are several kinds of products available that assure whiter teeth after having done their application.

Some of The Tooth Whitening products:

Tooth Whitening strips:
Tooth whitening strips are made out of the compound polyethylene. Polyethylene is a thin and elastic type of plastic. These polyethylene strips are coated with peroxide. One can apply these strips following the directions given in the package. After some time the peroxide that is in contact with the enamelstains it white thus whitening the teeth.

Tooth Whitening gels:
Tooth whitening gels are made up of 10% solution carbamide peroxide and is mixed with water to form hydrogen peroxide which is an active whitening element.  Whitening gels should be applied first with the help of a dentist to ensure proper usage.

Tooth whitening toothpastes:
Whitening toothpastes are not as effective as the other methods as it is a very mild process. Some toothpaste claim to have whitening ingredients and can be used on an everyday basis. These remove the stains from the enamel and acts as a special abrasive that gently polishes our teeth.

Tooth whitening bleach:
Whitening bleach are also peroxide based products that contain 2% to 20% of carbamide peroxide. Bleaching is a bit risky method as too much of peroxide content in the bleach can result in tooth sensitivity and will dehydrate the tooth. Bleaching polishes the tooth and the shine can be maintained by brushing, flossing and cleaning the tooth regularly and by avoiding acid based food.

Popular Tooth Whitening products:
Whitening Strips:

  • Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Supreme FlexFit-Teeth Whitening Kit 14 treatments.
  • Dental Teeth Tooth Whitening Strip Bleaching Whiter White strip Set White Smile

Whitening Gels:


Whitening Toothpastes:

  • Crest 3d White Radiant Mint Flavor Whitening Toothpaste 5.8 Oz
  • Sparkly White Herbal Toothpaste Gum Expert 80g x 2 QTY
  • Colgate Visible White Toothpaste – 50 g

Whitening Bleach:

  • Creative Effective White Teeth Whitening Pen Tooth Gel Whitener Bleach
  • New Teeth Tooth Whitening kit Whitener Cleaning Bleaching Kit Dental White

Teeth Whitening Treatment & Costs
White at-home treatment cost can vary depending upon the quality of the product and effectiveness, an on-office dental treatment can cost from 3500-7500 rupees. A patient willing to have brighter and whiter teeth should consult a Teeth Whitening Dentist for a treatment first and then should take the risk of applying at-home products.