Tech Gadgets for Runners and Cyclists in 2020

Running and Cycling are pretty easy to get into, all you need is a good pair of sneakers for running and a decent bike for cycling.

But in this age, where technology is present in almost every aspect of our life, you can equip yourself with few gadgets and make your workouts even more enjoyable and easier.

Must Have Gadgets for Runners and Cyclists

Gadgets for cycling and running have many purposes, some are there for safety, others track your position and help you map your routes. Then there are gadgets that just bring the quality of life changes to your runs.

In this article we will cover the absolute must have gadgets for runners and cyclists available on the today’s market.


First must have gadget for both runners and cyclist is a good watch. If you want to track your movement or map your routes you need to buy one with a GPS. There are a lot of manufacturers whose watches offer numerous functions, from GPS tracking to collecting your stats and letting you compare them to other runners.

If you need help deciding on your watch, here are two best choices in their categories. The fist one is Garmin Forerunner 735XT, it’s a newer model and has advanced features like heart rate monitoring, smart notifications, multisport function and recovery rate advisor. It is priced at 450 USD and comes in two different colors, black and blue. The second one is Polar M400 GPS, a bit more affordable watch, priced at 180USD that comes with basic functions like GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring.

Running Bands

Running bands have become standard gadget for both runners and cyclist. They come in all shapes and sizes, from ones that are mounted on your wrists to those going around your biceps. All running bands have their basic function accelerometer, but depending on the model, they can give you information on how much calories you’ve burned and a number of steps you’ve taken.

If you want to buy one, professionals recommend Microsoft Band, it comes with all of the above features, plus you can connect it with your phone to receive emails and notifications and stay productive while you exercise. But, if you don’t mind carrying your phone with you, you should get one of the Belkin armbands, just check which one fits your phone and you’re good to go.

Night Gear

If you like to go for your runs or rides after dark, there are a few gadgets that will keep you safe. First, you should get high quality reflective gear like Brilliant Reflective to make yourself visible at night. The cheapest option is reflective tape you can attach to your clothing or other gear. You can also get safety vests or jackets with built-in reflective surfaces, or even gloves you can use to make turn signals.


Backpacks are essential for long distance runs and rides. You want your backpack to be light and to fit as many things possible. There are two companies that stand out with their backpacks: Salomon, and Deuter.

Deuter Compact Lite 8 backpack, priced at 60USD, is a must buy if you go for long runs or rides. It has plenty of room for all your equipment and chest and hip straps stop any bounce. Also, it comes with built-in hydration bladder so you don’t need to bring any bottles with you.

But if you want to pack even lighter Salomon S-LAB ADV SKIN 12SET is your best option. It is a bit more expensive with its price at 185USD but this backpack has ultra form-fitting that wraps around your body for a secure abrasion-free fit. It is ultra-light but has all necessary compartments for long distance runs or rides.

These are the gadgets that we think will help you improve your performance, keep you safe or just make your workouts more enjoyable. So next time you go shopping check some of them out, and consider buying ones you can afford you will not regret it.

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