EMR integration

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    Can EMR Integration Improve Your Business?

    EMR technology, abbreviated as the electronic medical record, is an online record of a patient’s health portfolio. Using EMR integration, any individual’s data can be created, organized, managed, and monitored within an organization. These benefits hospitals, physicians, clinical practices, and healthcare organizations. The advantage these systems provide is to have more to do with facilitating workflows, balancing security, and improving quality care for patients. Various electronic systems provide different kinds…

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    Fitbit Joining Hands with Google to Fuse User-Generated Data with EMRs!

    Fitbit is all set to collaborate with Google Cloud to move up quicker and enrich the quality of its products and services. Plenty of Google Cloud offerings are already supporting HIPAA compliance. This merger will enable Fitbit to use the Google Cloud’s set-up and the cutting-edge security attributes to expand deeply into the health analysis of the population while safeguarding consumer data. Fitbit, a major wearable brand, will use Google’s Cloud…

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