Breast Surgery

  • Women HealthHow To Prevent Breast Cancer

    How To Prevent Breast Cancer of Women?

    Breast cancer is supposed to be the most frequently diagnosed cancer affecting women. However, breast cancer is not as deadly as lungs cancer if statistics were to be believed. Breast cancer is, therefore, the second leading reason behind cancer-associated deaths in women. The good news is that breast cancer treatments are becoming better and better in this advanced era thanks to cutting-edge treatment methods and state-of-the-art facilities. Today, you are…

  • Women Healthbreast-augmentation-surgery

    What You Should Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Breasts are one of the defining parts of femininity, therefore requiring due care and attention. Many women are afraid of surgery for breast augmentation, private information on this intervention. The team of specialists in plastic surgery at the clinic Metamorphosis shows us ways we can increase our, reduce or bust, even men can opt for gynecomastia. 50 years ago held the first surgery of breast implants. Although long past, women still find…

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