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    Does Working Out on an Empty Stomach Really Burn More Fat

    Does working out on an empty stomach really burn more fat? A simple question with a seemingly simple answer.On face value, one would conclude that yes, it probably does. If a car is running on empty (no food in the stomach) and is therefore left only with its reserve supply (food stored in the body) it will obviously turn that source and ultimately burn what is otherwise available. While this…

  • ExerciseStaying Fit and Healthy

    Easy Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy In 2018

    The new year is finally here and with it our new year goals and resolutions. Out of all the resolutions that you make, one that never to ceases to change is our resolution to stay fit and healthy in the new year. While making this promise to yourself is easy but keeping it is a completely different argument. Many of you take efforts and even make the first leap at…

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