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  • FeaturedHow to Lose Belly Fat

    Best 3 Exercises To Remove The Beer Belly In a Few Minutes

    How to get the pleasant summer and the beer belly do not conflict? Easy: practice these three exercises (yes, daily better). As much as they insist on the multiple benefits that beer has for your health, now that the good weather and the change of closet is the only thing that is obvious that the canes and the good life have left you some good that stand out for your…

  • Weight Loss6 Easy Steps to Lose Belly Fat

    6 Easy Ways To Burn Belly Fat at Home

    Big Apple is nickname for New York, however it can termed for entire US, as research suggest that Americans are getting apple-shaped per minute. 54% of American adults have central obesity, with 35 and 40 inches waistline in women and men respectively. It is something more than fashion crisis. Belly Fat is most dangerous type that wraps fat around organs in deep abdomen, rising risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke…

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