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    The Truth Regarding Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair transplant surgery is a viable option for people who want thicker hair that covers their thinning areas. However, many people shy away from the procedure because of the stigma surrounding it. They hear that it’s extremely painful, that it doesn’t work as well as it should, and that people will notice that they’ve had it done. Other falsehoods include the fact that the transplanted hair is fake and not…

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    Pune: The Upcoming Destination For Hair Transplant

    Usually, men have nightmares just thinking about ‘Hair today gone tomorrow’ scenario. Look, it is a known fact that a high percentage of men start losing their hair in their twenties due to many reasons, the main being male-pattern baldness. Apart from this, stress, pollution, climate, vitamin deficiency, illness, medication and over-use of styling products have an adverse effect on our hair. If it is not controlled then severe hair…

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    Delhi – The Mecca of FUE Hair Transplant in India

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants in Delhi is the most sought-after treatment people go for because the city has some of the best surgeons and medical facility. If we look closely at the current scenario the demand for FUE hair transplant in Delhi has not only increased within the city but also in its neighboring cities. Implantation of hair demands utmost care and concern from a doctor’s side so…

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