7 Unique Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy with a Busy Schedule

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So many of us seem to find that we are juggling endless work and social commitments and that means the idea of finding the time to stay fit and healthy might seem a bit of challenge too far.

Where there is a will there’s a way, and there are opportunities to get that regular workout and stay fit if you do some creative thinking with your schedule and find some ways to get the blood pumping despite your hectic lifestyle.

If you can find a location nearby where there is a good gym that is on one of your regular routes around town that could make things easier to squeeze a workout into your schedule.

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In addition to that option, here are some other creative or unique ways to keep yourself fit and healthy even when you seem to have so little spare time in your weekly schedule.

Reinvent the workout routine

You sometimes have to think outside of the box to find a solution and that’s the case when it comes to getting some exercise.

The traditional mindset is to aim to set aside about 45 minutes or so to put yourself through your paces, but trying to find that amount of time in one chunk is not always that easy which then makes it straightforward to dismiss the idea altogether and end up skipping too many workouts.

A good approach to take if you are struggling to allocate as much gym time as you would like into your diary would be to commit to doing as much exercise as possible when each opportunity arises.

For example, five ten-minute intensive workouts could be just as beneficial and you will be spending as much time exercising as you want without actually noticing it when you break it down into manageable sections.

Check off your exercise goals

You probably rely heavily on referring to your schedule in order to know where you need to be each day and you could achieve quite a lot with your exercise goals if you take a similar approach and create a checklist.

Write down all the exercises you want to do in that week and check them off as you go along.

It can become quite motivational to work through your fitness goals using a checklist and it is a great way to keep on track.

Have some go-to exercise routines worked out

Another great way of meeting your fitness goals even when you are working to an uncompromising schedule is to have a set of exercises that you can do virtually anywhere and at any time.

It could be an intense 10-minute workout or a jogging route that you have mapped out. Whatever it is, having at least five different exercise options to do when you get the chance to, will make it easier to keep to a viable fitness regime.

Watch your diet

When you are struggling with a busy schedule it is easy to be tempted by a fast-food or convenience option as a way of refueling as meal times.

Eating healthy foods is one of the cornerstones of keeping in shape and giving you the energy needed to cope with a packed diary of work and social commitments.

A good way of achieving this aim would be to prepare a menu for the week that consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables, plus the right level of protein you need. You could easily prepare these meals in advance at some point over the weekend and then you will have a healthy meal to enjoy each day without resorting to the takeout option.

Stay hydrated

If there is one thing that is going to scupper your plans to stay fit and healthy it is a failure to drink the right amount of water each day.

Staying hydrated is a real no-brainer for so many compelling reasons and you really need to drink about ten glasses of water per day to give your body what it needs to function properly.

Get some quality sleep time

Finding time in your busy schedule for exercise is what you are aiming for but if you don’t stay hydrated and get enough quality sleep each week you are going to struggle to find the energy and motivation required.

It is vital to appreciate exactly how critical sleep is to your overall health profile and if you don’t get the right amount of hours and enjoy a restful sleep you will find it difficult to keep on top of your work, rest, and play schedule.

An easy way to be more active

There is a simple solution to getting more exercise and staying as fit as possible and that is to commit to walking more often.

You might not have the time to take a long stroll around the park but simple things like getting off a few stops early and walking the rest of the way to work, and using the stairs instead of the elevator, all quickly add up to a decent amount of steps each week.

If you have one of those fitness trackers you can monitor how many steps you cover and you will soon see how many extra miles you can cover each week on foot with just a few minor adjustments to your routine.

Reward yourself every now and again

It always feels good to get a treat every now and again and depriving yourself of some tasty treats or the odd indulgence can work against your fitness goals in the long run.

If you can strive to eat healthily about 80% of the time, that remaining 20% can be filled with a few indulgent treats, that won’t do too much harm to your fitness goals but will keep you motivated to work toward the new tasty reward.

It can be a real challenge to stay fit and healthy when you are always up against the clock but if you follow some of these simple but effective suggestions it should help you to find the time to exercise and eat well.

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